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  • Dream Update

    Dream Update

    I’ve been sick, but invisibly sick. I have severe constipation that has gone on much longer than I should have …
  • The Female Seinfeld

    The Female Seinfeld

    I wish I could remember more about that episode with Cortney Cox where Seinfelf thought it would be perfect to …
  • Topic #16.. No, 17, no.. umm

    Topic #16.. No, 17, no.. umm

    I made the desion to write tonight. I have been neglecting it because I had some realizations come about and …
  • Sadness Looms

    Sadness Looms

    I did more, and then more. The sleepy mood passed after a few more hits and I felt active enough …
  • High Tea on Tuesday

    High Tea on Tuesday

    Have u mentioned the rock bottom practice of burning the brown spots off my collection of pipes. I don’t clean, …


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