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Pausenblog: Victoria Secret Inspiration

Pausenblog: Victoria Secret Inspiration

Idea: I crieque shows as I watch them… On WEEEED. I can pause and rant. Somebody edits and posts as a syndication to stoner stores.  Only one per city or region. My column… On weeeeed (reference Jon Stewart referebnce abnd respecxt to what’s his name. Oh I feel...

Conspiracy Theories

Weed High

Weed high With some week blotter sold as lsd.  Suspect. Anyway, juist had an extreme e orgasm.  Heartrate changing wow. Need rest and recouperate. Won’t happen. 9:02 on a Sunday. Almost every time Insit down on weed, and start to type shit into private jouyrnals, long...

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Sunday at the Holiday Inn

Ok. Time to write. I’m high on one single teeny one-hit toke of week, and a fair amount of something else. A drug I don’t do often, and it doesn’t have an overwhelming effect on me, but it does change the mood, and with weed, I’m ready to write. It’s June 17th 2012. ...