Me on YouTube
My YouTube channel has archives of some of my LiveStreams and other Video blog content. Many files are from several years ago.

Me on YouTube

I’ve become more active on YouTube this year posting videos and shorts ALMOST daily of life on the farm and other general posts. I would love it if you’d like and subscribe because that really does help me by boosting the algorithm. Sharing is even better.

grumpy old man gripe. Progress bars.

Plant News. The Ontario official flower. The Trillium

Promo for and OrangeJeff webcam streaming.

Not perfect but I got tired of trying over and over and since it wasn't for anybody, I gave up.

Tarren being sexy in SecondLife

Experimenting with lipsync software to bring Tarren to life

May contain drug use and very boring work streams with no dialogue.

Orange.Jeff Life Stream

I live in a single bedroom in somebody else's house. I don't get out much but sometimes I'll turn on the webcams and just stream.

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