My Second Life

My Second Life

The Original Metaverse

Second Life in an alternative online universe where people are free to create whatever environments they can imagine.


Second life is drug friendly. There are many in-world drugs, drug dealers, and drug whores. I live in a drug pad where I often share in exchange for sex.

Note that not all posts in this section will be specifically about Second life.
Many great ideas can be tested in the alternate universe.

Second Life Gallery

Second Life Gallery

This is a gallery of some of my favorite pictures from the alternate universe known as Second Life. The original metaverse [gallery type='flickr' view='photos' user_id='64251869@N00' tag_mode='any' count='16' more='more Photos'...

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  • One shot univrrse waiting for you in 6 billion years

    One shot univrrse waiting for you in 6 billion years

    Imagine We are on earth, orbiting a sun but our universe is finite like the one on prisons belt. ? …
  • Monday Night Rage

    Monday Night Rage

    I got yelled at again. Misunderstand isn't the same as disobedience, but using the stove is a new rule I …
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    Just one line

    I struggled. I can’t trust that I’m not actually crazy now. I always suspected my mother went freely into her …
  • Chilly but fine

    Chilly but fine

    This is what fall weather is supposed to be like. With your shoes and perhaps a light jacket, it’s nice …
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    Madam Secretary of Quahog

    It’s new TV week. I sat down this evening to watch and review the new network TV show about Mrs. …