My Second Life

My Second Life

The Original Metaverse

Second Life in an alternative online universe where people are free to create whatever environments they can imagine.


Second life is drug friendly. There are many in-world drugs, drug dealers, and drug whores. I live in a drug pad where I often share in exchange for sex.

Note that not all posts in this section will be specifically about Second life.
Many great ideas can be tested in the alternate universe.

Second Life Gallery

Second Life Gallery

This is a gallery of some of my favorite pictures from the alternate universe known as Second Life. The original metaverse [gallery type='flickr' view='photos' user_id='64251869@N00' tag_mode='any' count='16' more='more Photos'...

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  • Two days on, freak out.

    Two days on, freak out.

    I’m not really feeling the blog inspiration this morning. I was looking forward to it on the walk to the …
  • Intersted enough to start

    Intersted enough to start

    nawww… The mood isn’t right, and I knew it.  I am having a morningthat seems a litle more profound than …
  • Panic Reaction

    Panic Reaction

    Easier this year I had been excited about a new room mate companion. I was like The Doctor. Always better …
  • Micro Disappointment 

    Micro Disappointment 

    ​I learned the term Micro Expressions from TV a few years back when Tim Roth starred in Lie to Me. …
  • The light before the… I don’t know

    The light before the… I don’t know

    Today I noticed something I can’t explain on my phone and I can’t decide weather to be worried or not. …