a quick bent about things that bother me on a Wednesday


I decided to write this blog at 3:00 p.m. mainly because my phone had been reminding me that I was on a 6 day streak of posting blogs.

I’ve been noticing some problems with my phone and it’s the first time I’ve really been irritated by what could be bugs or a broken phone. I’ve been pretty lucky in the 15 different phones I’ve had in the past probably more than that. I always see bug reports and none of them ever really affect me but this one’s is bothering me

Several features in Snapchat are not accessible to me and I use Snapchat a lot as you will see from this blog. As well the voice to text on the Google gboard keyboard stops in the middle of sentences frequently. What I mean by that is I will turn on the speech to text mode and start talking and it will just turn off the mode mid sentence and very frequently the last word of a sentence. It also takes time to start. Just tiny little things that are irritating when you use your phone as much as I do.

That’s all for today. A vent.

Oh yeah, and I almost never hit the comma correctly which is a real irritation and slow down to my productivity.

I’m still a fan of Samsung phones and Google. I’m just not a fan of irritation.


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