Evil Idiocy
A commentary on how stupid spam can be at times.

Evil Idiocy

As I delete the 60th copy of a spam email telling me about my 364-day-old Bitcoin accumulation account, I ponder how much money the person selling the email list and copy/paste text script about this scam makes.

When you think about it, there must be someone selling the scammers the scam. To have received so many copies of a virtually identical email from hundreds of different addresses with slight details changed leads me to believe somebody is marketing ways to scam people and selling them.

You began collecting cryptocurrency automatically from your device on our cloud Bitcoin mining platform 364 days ago.

Despite your inactivity, your account has been earning funds over thepast year, with a total of $25.745 currently available.

Urgent: Your account will be blocked within 24 hours. Please withdrawyour remaining funds.

I suppose it’s also possible that these are all just employees working in an open office complex in one of the Indian scam call centers. Still, it’s illogical for them to use so many copies of the same script because it just breaks the logic down. If I got one message telling me that I had $36,000 in accumulated Bitcoin, I might click the link to see. (I wouldn’t) But when you get 10 messages within an hour from different recipients telling me about my forgotten accounts and their $364 days old you start to disbelieve.

The irony is, this particular scam doesn’t take into account that in the last 364 days Bitcoin value has dropped substantially so any money that I had in my account would actually be worth less, not more.

Like a boy reading comic books, I am sometimes fascinated more by the villains of this world than the heroes. I can respect evil genius but evil stupidity is the worst.

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