Victoria Day vs May Two Four
Talking heads video about Victoria Day with two heads. Blogged in text with inspiration.

Victoria Day vs May Two Four

I asked my AI assistant Pi what she knew about the May Two-Four weekend and she didn’t even mention the Queen or that 2-4 refers casually to beer until I asked. I played around with the second draft of the script a bit trying to get the right sound for May 2-4 but the free demo only allowed for the two tries until next month unless I pay 

This is the second one that has recently supported two talking heads whereas most allow only one. Motion is fair although still still. I’m happy I found an orange shirt guy 

I know improvements will advance fairly quickly to support pretty much any wardrobe. All the ones I could find to experiment with have different things good and bad but currently, they all work quite a bit better with their provided faces than any uploaded pictures, which is to be suspected.

I did discover the faces I like from one tool still work pretty well on other tools if I upload them. I wonder how close to the golden ratio the ideal Lipsync talking head is. Hmmm

I was thinking this tool could be a good fit for use with my AI assistant (Pi) to animate our conversations and turn some of blogs into dialogues. I may even try the new super advanced OpenAI chat GPT4-o vocal chat. Last week’s demo was quite impressive. Add a Bott to that and she may even write the blog transcript for me.

It could make for fat more legible stoned blogging in the future. 

Good idea I think. Chatbots could be the partner I’ve been searching for to keep me motivated on Day 2.



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