Done. Five strong brownie in one evening and I hardly show signs of intoxication.

I am a threshold stoner. My first does sets the bar and it fades down as time passes. It doesn’t go back up, nor matter how muh I try, after the first hour, drugs are immu… I seem immune to…

I am a threshold stoner. My first does sets the bar and it fades down as time passes. It doesn’t go back up, nor matter how muh I try, after the first hour, drugs are immu… I seem immune to drugs taking me higher. There ae exceptions, as with the Ketamine holesI’ve visited with my last drug delivery. Its a weird high I don’t enjoy, except to be a change every so often. I uit no drugs I’ve tried, I just add them to a rotaion of usage that can be undefined but always available for an offering if its been a while. Even conain is in the rotation despite the stories it generates are often about the cold and sniffles I’ll have for 2 weeks. The 2018 version has been an undefined time that seems to extend backwards forever except that I remmeber not being alwags alternating between too drug and too wet.

I was going to break and see how my high feels to my … cock. Im getting more comfortable using that word because the delay and alternates seem un natural and forign.

end. rest. search for the high without the transcript for a bit. go deeper and deeper.



minute slater I rush for the keyboard. I did a bump. A line of the E I have because teneffect is faint, and I’ve recently learned that MDMA is very ineffective when taken with my recipie of paxil and amphedemine. In effect, I’m wasting good e on a 1 10th effect. ding made up number.

I was missing the days of the pressed Tesla pills, or teh erOlls Royve, A high I could detect and the catalist for adventures that rivaled the Bachelor pary movies.

Not really of couirse. They more closly rivaled Katy Perry’s dream story of last Friday Night. Music art that is a elatable fantasy for many who do not party, but wish they could.

I found the rave culture, 3 to five years late, but I can tell the stories as good. It was a community that acepted me and the idea of PLUR was a generation’s hippy.

I wasn’t a hippy, but I hung out with them. I could almot say I drove the van but realioty is closer to being the silent kid watching the rave from a corner imagining what it would be like ti be free and touch. I had enough close calls and actual massages to remember the whole 5 years as “the good old days” I don’;t really remember except my top 5 rave stories. Classics I used to use to be accepted when mingling with more experienced stoners. I still believe that my impressions are important but I am starting to realize pot smokers are like Vegas. Whatever happened is a guaranteed secret becauee he wan’t listening anyway. I have the ability to listen intently and react and coment with a sincer interesty that is appealing… and the have no clue what you said, a moment later.

I was releaved the day I figured out nobody cared. Orange Jeff lived in Second life openly high and it was great. I wish I could do it more in this universe but when attempting ineteraction with the outside world alone, the tendancy is to think about trying, justifying that it was a great outdoor experience, but ultimatlu withut a parttner I don’t enjoy things.

I do not enjoy firsties alone. I don’t choose and the canoe auto pilot of my life takes me down the river avooding waterfalls. Life is not only better shared, for me existance begins when you arrive.

I look forward to a future where we are not scolded fo cultural appropriation. I really want to ear my orange towel on my head when I have sex or otherwie overheat. I like my terry cloth do rag. I don’t like to se seem on vamera hwever because it’s not my culture.

I’m not a woman.

ha. I love the towel behive women have mstered.


shut up.

put they keyboard down.

end of this part. 2:43am