Meth Memes Gallery
My expanded collection of videos I make after smoking meth.

Meth Memes Gallery


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  • Happy Birthday Mom

    Happy Birthday Mom

    It sounds familiar in my head but to be honest I’m not positive my mother’s birthday is July 7th. I …
  • All of Tumblr stopped that evening as nobody could look away, hypnotized by the rhythm.
  • You people and your meth addictions… This is where i toss my Hershey’s Kisses wrappers. Now that’s an addiction.…however I …
  • It’s October now.

    It’s October now.

    I got distracted on my way to writing this blog because it’s 10:35 on the first Saturday of October and …
  • The Conversation Room

    The Conversation Room

    You see an online virtual mall filled with flashy storefronts and top notch animated advertisements everywhere. You walk down the …


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