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About NetBound

idea. switch all customers to 2 dollar plan and sell people as your guy, for life…ish

#ish It’s my favourite word that I made up.

The Orange Shirt Team. Each one representing the I.


Hey Jan, do you know anything about Viruses?

What the Fuck Marsha? What are you talki–

No. Computer stuff idiot. The virus episode is season 3.

Nooooo. I hardly use it. We got a guy.

What do you mean?

You know. We got a guy. You don’t have a guy? Everybody needs a guy.  Marsha, you gotta get a guy. How have you managed without a guy to call?

Sign up and they assign you a guy. He’s yours, forever if you want. The difference between every other service department is —


ding. Oh look, a zeppelin.


I remember the day I realized people like me are actually self-centred, and to everyone else, it’s as obvious as…  blank.

Trigger memory; Cards Against Humanity.  Great game.  I should have an Amazon link for it here… but Amazon doesn’t sell it. I won’t endorse a clone. I always like the applause AND the profits going to the inventor if possible.


Break. Zoned and keyboard madness.


I’ve been fake sleeping.

First Quote of the show.

I’d love to ask my google what the first one of the set of 66 and 99. They went away for a while.  meh

buzz. lighted Bryan appears out of the wings proudly announcing; “One point for meh spotting. And 5 points for creating a blog game on the spot.”

The camera cust to celebrity Judge Judy in one of her final roles before retirement. A week later, she’s back, sick of retirement, and she works another 10 years in comedy and 20 more as an avatar in the o–


Lightbulb. Second Life for real celebrities that may currently be living in retirement living. The could spend their days in Second Life with controlled fame. They would never age. 

Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch has been recreated quite well in Second Life.

Probably a bad idea if not impulsive,

ding connection. When I’m impulsive, I’m able to acts before the internal bitching and negativity has a chance to crush my joy.

“I remember how perfect everything it is before the negative wave.


Everything is perfect till the first share.

I grew up learning to be afaid to ask for anything. I learned I could often calm the conflict with a joke, or a well placed “what if” resolution but only if they were already talking and the punchline was fast, or weird enough.

Either way, it’s going to be a story. It’s always a story.



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