Interesting or weird?
A brief evaluation of my current situation.

Interesting or weird?

I’m not crazy. I am totally aware that people will judge me and I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea as they say. I do a lot of things that will turn people off prematurely. The most obvious would be my drug habit. If you come to this blog and you see the majority of my posts are about my drug use or music videos I’ve created of my drug use, and the drug happens to be one notoriously evil, you’re going to have some preconceived judgments about me.

If you can get past that, there are other things that may turn you off. Regular visitors will notice my hygiene habits are less than spectacular. My choice of clothing and food and just about everything is a little bit off the norm.

99% of my day happens in this bed. I wake up and I work from my bed. I sleep in my bed and I watch TV in my bed I leave my bed very rarely and only for brief periods of time. The washroom is downstairs.

I have always adapted my life too whatever I deem the easiest path. Since I currently live in a city away from my friends and I’m unemployed or assembly retired I might say, I have discovered that I don’t need to leave my bed. I’m quite content living here.

Accept. Adapt. embrace your now.

It’s surprising how stress free it can be to give up on worry and fear and anxiety and just exist.  No decisions to make. Virtually no effort at all, day after day.

I have adapted to getting my human contact and interaction online rather than in person.

I never planned on being a hermit, but once you start something as drastic as this, it’s easy to stay in the routine of doing nothing. Really easy.

I’m not sure what needs to change for me to stop maybe this year will bring that change. Maybe it won’t. I tend to change at glacial speeds.


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