My theory of the universe. Part x
a concept that struck me today with no warning. we cant travel at light speed. it may take centuries to happen, bit we would die instantly like a flashlight beam hitting a wall.

My theory of the universe. Part x

Light is invisible until reflected. It travels at its speed. Nothing exists beyond the outreach of light, until it does. The universe isn’t expanding but the light from it is still traveling out and reflecting on whatever it lights up.

On earth, reflected light captures what is happening in the moment of now, and bounces it out in a constant projection towards we call the sky and space.

This instant is transported as it was, outward in all directions towards infinity. My NOW is imortalized between the moment before and after. Although it may be inconceivable, people in an office tower may see my NOW reflected a million moments later than I perceived it.

If we could travel up at the speed of light, all reflections of time – of existance would stop. Whatever moment in time we perceived at the instant we matched the speed of light would be the only thing we could see or perceive below is on our projectory. Nothing past that moment would catch up to us. Earth would freeze in that moment. It would never change again, from our perspective.

We would still be moving outward, but blind. We could not see forward and behind us would never change. Eventually we would crash and die instantly with no warning apon impact with something, just as a flashlight beam crashes and dies when it hits a wall.

To us, we would turn on light speed drive and instantly die on a planet billions of miles away without any concept of time passing.

The successful trip would be a failure over in less than a second that lasted centuries, depending on your perspective.

As an alternative, if we could travel slightly slower than light, and could look out the window we could witness the reflected now of history in beams of light around us. Time would go backwards as we witnessed it in reverse order along the sunbeams as we passed.

As an example, if we traveled one light day away from earth and pointed our telescopes back, we would see yesterday unfolding exactly as it did. If we continued our journey away, we would see the reflection of last week, last month and last year.

By changing our speed, the view back to earth would speed up and display time sped up or slowed down, forward or backwards like watching a livestream with playback speed controls in forward or reverse.

We would literally be riding forward or reverse along the timeline of existance as we travel along a light beam away from earth. Almost, but never quite matching Lightspeed. Watching the past in almost realtime.

Somewhere out in this universe is a light beam that started its journey at the beginning of light first being reflected from earth’s beginning, still making its way past all obstacles. It hasn’t yet crashed and burned on a planet in it’s line of sight. It contains it it’s stream the history of our time, and if and when it reaches an eye, they will see a complete history of the earth in real time like a show.

When we look towards our sun, we are watching a light beam presentation of life on that planet in real time, eight minutes ago onward.

It then reflects our life outward until it hits some other space object. Our projection will then be replaced with the reflection of that surface in a light cycle of historical times.

Imagine existing in a black void. Time does not advance because there is no light. All of a sudden, bam, a light beam that has been traveling at its speed finally reaches you and starts reflecting your mass outwards.

For the first time, now has a history. Time begins and in an instant your planet can detect change. A moment ago now exists. Things can happen.

Your recorded history starts in the beam of light you now project. I’m happy for you, although from my perspective seeing your light appear to me, this happened Millenia ago.

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