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Live Stream Archive

  • Wow realization.

    Wow realization.

    Lightbulb moment. The closer you get to death, the more your life may present itself to you for review. Tonight, …
  • The Task. Place your bets now.

    The Task. Place your bets now.

    BANZAI! THe task.  WIll I be able to find and configure my two Dlink Wireless IP Cameras AND the two …
  • Thursday Morning Video Update

    Thursday Morning Video Update

    Nothing really new to report this morning so I decided to say it instead of type it. In truth most …
  • Sad I’m not crazy

    Sad I’m not crazy

    When I was first told I’m obcessive I obsessed about it. When I was first told I have a. D. …
  • First Date

    First Date

    Good day! It’s 7am, and my name is not Fred Savvage. I went on a first date the other day. …