Back at work: New Shirt Day
It's not really a big deal, but I celebrated anyway.
  • Tuesday Change Up

    Tuesday Change Up

    I blog and stream about blogging during a stream.
  • Freshly wrapped and saved in the freezer for later. (evil laugh) Related posts: The last Fudge bar in the freezer …
  • Indesision as a tool

    Indesision as a tool

    I’ve always felt just a little uncomfortable as I blogged certain things. Statements that I always feared might be considered …
  • … I mean other than more drugs. Related posts: Three weeks in Bev Crushers’s Artie Connection.
  • My Regularly Scheduled Friday

    My Regularly Scheduled Friday

    My Regularly Scheduled Friday. Today feels like the right day. I distinctly remember each day of this week, and although …


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