Today’s meaning of life
A spontaneous view of the meaning of life as of today. Middle of May 2024 living on a farm.

Today’s meaning of life

How many times in our life do we contemplate the meaning of life and have a new explanation or a new one-liner. The famous box of chocolates line does a pretty good job but I know I’ve come up with a few others now and then. I remember one specifically that used to be on my website is one of my quotations. 

Life is not a box of chocolates. Life contains a box of chocolates. 

At the time I thought that was profound. I had another quotation that said if it isn’t all profound, you don’t get it. I thought that was deep. 

As I pass over my 60-year benchmark of life I think I’m more apt description of life would be waking up is a win. The meaning of life is to live it. It certainly contains ups and downs but if you actually stop think about the meaning of life the true meaning, it can be quite depressing because realistically, there is no meaning to life except to live it. 

Any belief beyond that is for comfort. Life is long and hard and might not be. It might be short and easy and end tomorrow. That would not be a blessing even if you’re in a down mood and believe it to be true. Waking up tomorrow is what it’s all about. Curiosity is the best reason there is other than religion, to wake up everyday. To see what might be. 

The paradox of a religious belief is that not waking up tomorrow is a good thing and yet you have to. When they make the afterlife sound so good it’s confusing as to why they punish those who end their own life prematurely. I never quite understood that part. 

I can’t believe it in afterlife. There’s no point. That’s like believing that there is something magical underneath that mountain beyond. If you never know, and never can know, what’s the point of believing. It’s silly. 

So that leaves you with this life and what you make of it. If it sucks, you can blame others but that won’t bring you happiness. If life sucks do something to make it suck less. 

I do. My brain gives me lots of reasons to be unhappy. That’s part of the curse of being intelligent I suppose. The other side of that coin is that it allows me to create and tell my own story to be who I want to be or enjoy the path of figuring that out. 

I do. Usually. I only vaguely remember the super depressing times of my past. I used to have a rule that said I should only be down 3 days maximum and I tried to keep to that. Even this past week when I was down, it lasted two days. Because being down is depressing. I know that’s enough yes statement but it’s certainly true people don’t like being depressed. 

I don’t. So I’m not. While it’s true the paxil medication certainly helps to some extent and the other medication helps to top that off but in general I’d rather not be depressed in life and I think I do an okay job most of the time. 

Therapy has helped. This blog has helped. Talking to myself has helped. And being self-aware and accepting the life in front of me is my solution. It’s not the same as not caring. I am like a dog getting off an elevator. 

Oh. This is my life now? Okay let’s go for a walk 

I found it funny when I wanted to get a voice to read this or maybe a talking head,and I allowed the AI to correct grammar but it actually re-wrote it for me and it’s not really my words or style, so I didn’t use it… but it is interesting.


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