A new pilot. Script simulator 1.0

A new pilot. Script simulator 1.0

I have a little mind game I play sometimes when I get a new idea. A connection of two random thoughts become one that makes sense. In my head, I have conditioned myself to feel the moment of connecting like a light bulb. You are brighter and now may be able to see and make other connecttions. Sometimes the realization of a lightbulb moment where two unrelated loops become familiar and you life repeating. Everywhere.

The first time you might notice your best friend’s parents fight about the garbage like yours do. Seeing that is afirst step into…


(the lights come up and the performance we were apparently watching has broken character and returned to the actorrs. We are withness to this enough to understand what ity means to act a scene that did not actually happen. Whoever created the first fiction in their community might have just discovered telling lies.

At this moment, Oramge Jeff is setting up for what comes next, however there is no next. Nothing was planned. Orange Jef certainly thinks something is coming.

His grand gestures that perhaps might have been approipriate if they were in front of a real elephant instead of a story of what was supposed to happen.  Who left that guy in charge of a project?

I walk out the door. It is Secon d Life however, and I’m still high, so it takes me 6 tries. My body is not using a drunk AI but my Prime is high at the root.


No, I don’t got.

No… ha. Ergot is the high in acid.

Oh. I don’t do so well on acid in here unless under guide.

Break point. Drink, pose, pee, eat, be Mary.  No.. Don’t be.

end pause.  




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