Your friend smokes meth? DON’T RUN!

I am a meth user, bothg my prescription from a psychiatrist, and from a trusted street dealer, which is easier to obtain. I am not a daily user, but it helps my severe ADHD symptoms and allows me to get more done. I admit to recreational use as well, which helps me feel confident enough to socialize. I am not trying to glorify or even justify my use of methamphetamine, but I am trying to educate people including my friends and family who all but abandoned me upon learning my secret.

Learning you know somebody that uses meth doesn’t mean they’ll turn into criminals and lose their teeth and steal your TV. This is especially true if you know they suffer from ADHD. Meth use did not ruin my life. This blog will show you examples of some of my highs and lows and how my mental issues were affected by the various drugs I have used. I hope you find it educational as well as interesting, and maybe even funny at times.