What do you want m to tell you. This one didn’t have a title.
Talking to myself in text to another person who isn’t there to listen but will come in and catch up every so often. In the Second Life universe, one can carry on several different storylines and be chatting with multiple partners, clients, dealers and lovers all at the same time. It’s kind of like overseas… Read More »

What do you want m to tell you. This one didn’t have a title.

Talking to myself in text to another person who isn’t there to listen but will come in and catch up every so often. In the Second Life universe, one can carry on several different storylines and be chatting with multiple partners, clients, dealers and lovers all at the same time. It’s kind of like overseas tech support. Janice says she’s dealing with you right now, and her call center is in New Brunswick Canada… but 5 years from now when the documentary is releaseed, we’ll see whe was talking to 5 chat clienst and told them they were import to her and please hold.

… Sorry… I can run off into a rant if left unatended.

I was happy sad tonight. A Saturday I was energized and ready to get high and be productive. A humerous change from my past and the sterotype.

I didn’t toke till about 8pm. I ordered some Indica shatter from my new delivery guy. He says; Happy Shatterday and in my head I say it back with the kind of slur a drunk might have. I only have one memory of my father slurring his words drunk. I never learned if he waas drunk every night. My family matches Ozzie and Harriet in my memories. Half an hour of perfection a week, and no memories for the other childhood. I suspect it was closer to All in the Family. A father who’s strongest attribute wil alays be remembered as anger. I became afraid to talk to my Dad because his anger seemed as spontanious as a firecracker you didn’t know about. (That’s worse than a firecracker you knew about, and I hate that too)

Life Fear #1.  I live with the guiding force that I do not want to be yelled at for failing, but really, I don’t want to be around yelling.

more than the Married with Children trailer trash..



[17:06] Paige Copeland: You dab?
[17:11] Paige Copeland: I have seen a video on that. What is the advantage of it?
[17:13] Frogstar42 Loup: I was not a weed first user. I raved in the 90s on a lot of acid and ecstasy, frequently together in what we called Candyflipping. I never smoked. I don’t like flame. I had tried weed a few times but never really got it until my first girlfriend and I did our blind state high as fuck on what she introduced me to… a pipe.
[17:13] Frogstar42 Loup: Life changed. Bongs and pies existed, so I could smoke weed.
[17:13] Frogstar42 Loup: However… Vapes and Dabs don’t NEED a lighter. No fire 3 inches from my stoned hair and face.
[17:14] Frogstar42 Loup: So I have a little thing the size of a big four colour pen that gets me as high on one inhale as maybe half a joint would.
[17:15] Frogstar42 Loup: I can never judge because all drugs work differently for me. My special recipie of A.DD and other things has made me virtually uneffected by some drugs, and always different than anyone else… so I usually need more.
[17:16] Frogstar42 Loup: It’s not because I have a tolerance as much as it is the way my brain works. I get high, and my brain goes crazy like a cat in a new room to normalize everything. I think my high down and so often only the fisrt took is the one, and I can’t bump up.
[17:16] Paige Copeland: doesn’t a dab have a glowing red nail inches from your face though?
[17:17] Frogstar42 Loup: However, I am high as fuck and not all of that is true the way I just made up now.
[17:17] Frogstar42 Loup: Ahhh… but Dabs were invented as a big scary huge process that only die hards would bother with, until die hards bothered with it and went; Whoooooa. Dude, you have to try this.
[17:18] Frogstar42 Loup: Original dabs used a blow torch to heat the glass and then you melt your goo.
[17:18] Frogstar42 Loup: That still exists, but die hards were too fucking lazy for that. I bought an electric Dabbing rig.
[17:19] Frogstar42 Loup: Plug it in and it’s ready inFiiiiive minutes, just like Uncle Ben and Alice from the Brady Bunch used to say.
[17:19] Frogstar42 Loup: Then, even that was effort. The dab pen/pipe is a cigareete light in a pipe. BAM. Hard to easy in less than 3 years,
[17:20] Frogstar42 Loup: I am going to copy paste this into my blog. Thanks for letting me ramble on and on. heheh

[17:35] Frogstar42 Loup: I am sorry I drifted away to something shiny.
[17:35] Frogstar42 Loup: ok… I have 3 types.original was evod
[17:36] Frogstar42 Loup: fantastic work horse for $35. Battery lasts weeks for me.
[17:36] Frogstar42 Loup: a gram can last two weeks if I’m not every day. Remember one dab can last the night. One 1/4 size dab.
[17:37] Frogstar42 Loup: second one I bought because it was orange ndhad better charging. pureB900
[17:38] Frogstar42 Loup: Third and favourite is off the parts standard.
[17:38] Frogstar42 Loup: the V-one, also in Orange but mine is blue.
[17:39] Paige Copeland: on 1/4 size dab from the evod?
[17:39] Paige Copeland: that will last all night?
[17:39] Paige Copeland: but your favorite is the V-One?
[17:40] Frogstar42 Loup: This one has an option for a mini water bong filter in an extended draw. The V one really is like a bong in a pipe size.
[17:40] Paige Copeland: if you were stranded on weed island and had to pick only one, which would you pick?
[17:40] Frogstar42 Loup: Ok, so everyone is different nd everyone has tollerances. I can only speak from the memory of my first week a year ago. Dabs were great, and I never used a bic again… but as for power?
[17:41] Frogstar42 Loup: I used to use a one hit dugout bat and took a single pea of weed and watch a movie or two high. Pre tolerance.
[17:41] Frogstar42 Loup: Oh yeah… I forgot. The third option of the three overall cateogoies are the ones that will smoke weed. They’re 100% different again. Not pens but the first hand held Volcano hot air vaperizors.
[17:42] Frogstar42 Loup: There are dozens of those for weed. I have the Arizer Extreme Volcano clone desktop vaporizer and a PAX 2 weed vaporizer which is the side of two lipstick things about. Slick. Black.
[17:43] Frogstar42 Loup: It’s one of the famous bests.
[17:43] Frogstar42 Loup: Summary: weed? I like the Pax 2 or 3. Advantage is that the 3 does dabs too, so it’s an introduction for that time you TRY shatter.
[17:43] Paige Copeland: pax 3?
[17:44] Paige Copeland: I’ve heard of the volcano
[17:44] Frogstar42 Loup: The V one is a cool dab pipe, but tereare lots of good ones in the second gen now. I chose the only Orange one but there were a couple of others I might have chosen instead if I wasn’t ocd on Orange.
[17:44] Paige Copeland: so the pax 3 can vape or dab?
[17:45] Frogstar42 Loup: I had a fun time being an expert. I wish I could figure out a way to do this as a show. Even in SL, I love to ta;lk and type and teach.
[17:45] Paige Copeland: Oh you should!
[17:45] Paige Copeland: you totallly should!
[17:46] Frogstar42 Loup: It is a leaf vapouyrizer but the V3 does allow for oils and concentrates (all the dab textures) too, but in a heat vapourizer way, which is different than the hot glass way. I have not tried a Pax 3 dab.
[17:46] Paige Copeland: ohhhh so when you dab you need oil or concentrate? Not leaf?
[17:46] Frogstar42 Loup: I own over $1000 $ not L in SL stuff for my TV show idea… but I continue to search for the right muse and partner,
[17:47] Frogstar42 Loup: Ahh yes. A dab refers to the stuff. It is THC concentrate. A process of squeezing leaf into an oil that then hardens and is sold. 1 gram of goo.
[17:47] Frogstar42 Loup: No leaf.
[17:47] Frogstar42 Loup: Different smell. differebt high but similar.
[17:48] Frogstar42 Loup: Its still a weed high, just without the match burn and smell.
[17:48] Frogstar42 Loup: I coukd show you if you cared. The big screen TV in my Linden home is a webcam to me live.
[17:48] Frogstar42 Loup: (grin)


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