Wet Hay, and me
Today's the first day that I have been somewhat stranded in the rain. I guess anything's better than snow at this point

Wet Hay, and me

We don’t get a lot of rain out here. When it does rain it’s usually a very brief storm. I recently found out that this area is officially considered a desert climate. Not specifically where I live but very close by. Where I live it’s just low precipitation.

Today’s the first day that it started raining when I’m in the barn feeding the cows their hay. It’s quite a long walk back to the house including the hard to close gate that I’ll have to fiddle with for a while. I’m debating whether I should just sit down here for another 15 minutes reading my Facebook and doing some of the chores that I can do on my phone hoping that it will stop raining quickly.

But then you have that mental struggle with time. If I wait 15 minutes and it hasn’t let up, I’m always going to wonder whether 17 minutes would have been enough or whether it’s going to rain for another hour.

I guess I’m just going to get wet. I’m out of clean clothes so I’ll have to do laundry today when I get back to the house in my wet clothes.

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