We’re Not Crazy

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deadsensescompany: “We’re Not Crazy” Sometimes I used to think I was crazyBut I could never really tellFor was it wrong to have suicidal tendenciesEven when everything was going well? Was it crazy to cry aloneBelieving things would never change?Believing darkness…

We’re Not Crazy


“We’re Not Crazy”

Sometimes I used to think I was crazy
But I could never really tell
For was it wrong to have suicidal tendencies
Even when everything was going well?

Was it crazy to cry alone
Believing things would never change?
Believing darkness consumed my heart
And that I’d never be the same?

Was it crazy to stay up all night
Just so I could sleep all day
And not have to face the people
Who hurt and threw me away?

Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy
Or at least they aren’t meant to know
I can only speculate if this is true or not
But that’s how the cliche goes

But then I started thinking
Maybe it’s not me, it’s them
Because others drove me to think
Ill upon my common man

And the more I looked around
The crazier I became
Sane thoughts would vanish
Until no normal thoughts remained

But the more I questioned others
The more I soon discovered
I wasn’t alone with my feelings
And we can relate to one another

I found much in common
With others just like me
Those who lived to tell their tales
Of terrible tragedies

Or maybe we’re all just unqiue
In our harmless, creative ways
Fighting through the hardships
As we express ourselves day by day

Even the greatest poets and artists
Who were respected in their right
From Allen Poe to Van Gogh
All went crazy in their times

Life is a sanity test
With no sparknotes to pass
And with many things to bring us down
We must survive the aftermath

But one thing I realized
In trying to make it through
It’s fine to be depressed
To cry, grovel and stew
It’s fine to be angry
To be edgy, dark, or mad
It’s fine to wish upon stars
For things you never had

It’s fine to be disabled
To be diagnosed with disease
Whether mental or physical
Great things can still be achieved
This is what makes us human
And not crazy in the least
It’s what keeps us going
As we ourselves find peace

And please don’t call us crazy
I really don’t prefer that word
That only makes people more crazy
Just in case you haven’t heard

I’m going to read this when I’m less high because I’m starting to think maybe I am, but I know it won’t be long before I’m shamed for using such an as of yet non offensive term.


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