The Welcome Message
If you know me, you probably don't know me. Be prepared.

The Welcome Message

This page is mostly for people who may know Jeff in the real world, or from his YouTube posts.

My life continues to evolve and  I am becoming more open to sharing both the regular parts of myself you may already know and also the darker secret side you may not know about.

The videos were a cheap ploy to soften the blow in case you needed some extra time to absorb the concept.  Those are my words. I have been an active drug user for more than half my adult life. I started after my job ended.

As I move towards sharing both sides of myself, I am merging the public blog into this one. I’ve recently started putting more effort into the blog and making it available to search engines and perhaps even promoting the idea to the general public.

Until recently, the site has remained secret and by invitation only. My public blog ( makes almost zero mention of that part of my life. I kept the secret drug use away from almost everyone.

I live inside my head believing I am interesting and likeable but seldom put that theory to the test by attempting to be social. Most of the people in my current West Coast life are either members of the drug community or completely unaware of that side of me. If this site becomes public, I may lose friends. It will surprise, and possibly shock some of my friends and loyal customers. I have decided that is less a ME problem. If you read my blogs, you may understand both sides of me better than you ever wanted to.

As I boldly move forward through me 60s I am really enjoying sharing myself more openly. My life has always been an interesting one worthy of many great stories but keeping a huge part of it secret was difficult. In 2023 I evolved again, when moved to a new life on a farm. Less tech. Less stress. Better food. Since then, I have re-discovered my joy of sharing some of those thoughts and stories and videos with a few strangers. I look forward to expanding my shares to anyone who might find me interesting enough to follow.

This website and my other projects are my therapy. I’m have let go of many of my anxious fears and am more content with my life now than ever. Please do me the courtesy of forming your opinions of this blog based on the content itself, not biased by some preconceived notion of what a drug user is. If you prefer, you can read all the posts using the filtered feed without the drug content. Feel free to search, comment or share anything you like.