Wednesday Morning
I quite like how this mini mix turned out with only a little bit of fiddling. Related posts: Some of my favourites are from 4am Friday Meth Music Mix Entertainment just for me Two Thursday Clouds
  • 4 minutes but who’s counting?

    I am, obviously. That’s the number of minutes I waited after heating up the pigs breakfast. It’s supposed to be …
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  • Oh oh.  I’ve cut the rice bag

    Oh oh. I’ve cut the rice bag

    At least for tonight, I have broken the barrier of public sharing and started my story. Now I have to …
  • I just popped 3 of those and they don’t seem to do anything for me.  I know I have a …
  • The Holiday Crash

    The Holiday Crash

    OOPS.  I went off my meds and forgot. I had forgotten to take my Paxil regularly, and I was off …


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