Voiceover Talking Heads
My fantasy cute assistant trying to help me get stuff done today, so naturally I log about it instead of doing the work.

Voiceover Talking Heads

I could name a song by the talking heads if I tried. if you told me this song was the talking heads, I would believe you, because I know I’ve heard their songs. I just don’t know any of them by heart. However, this blog isn’t about songs by heart or by talking heads. it’s about some fun I had this morning in between work breaks. sometimes when I’m ready to play, I’m not really prepared. So I just make things up quickly and waste my free trial minutes. This is a good example of that. I never used a digital assistant this way because nagging doesn’t really work on the ADHD brain, even if its coming from a pretty face with no emotions that I could potentially be rude to.



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