Unexpected Backfire
I have lost track of how much -- or how little sleep I've had this week.

Unexpected Backfire

I knew I had plans to spend the afternoon with my friend in Niagara. He comes here about once a month or so, just to keep me sane. He pays for my meal and usually some dollar-store gadgets just to keep my life interesting.

Last night, I took drugs and ended up not falling asleep, so naturally, I took more drugs to stay up today and be active and friendly. I think I probably took more than needed including a few pipes and a healthy boof. I didn’t feel too tired at first, but I was clearly more zombie-feeling than personable. I went through the motions instead of having full rich conversations like I would have for a regular visit.

Then I started to crash as the afternoon carried on. I need to sleep. I ended up asking to come home early and sleep. I felt bad, but it will pass after sleep.





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