Two bases of operation
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Two bases of operation

I have two workstations these days, and which one I use for blogging or video or editing makes a difference. It usually means it creates extra effort to move content between the desktop world and the phone world.

I compose a lot of video content on my phone. I make smoking videos but I also talk to the camera quite a bit, and film life around the farm or when I’m out walking around town.

The desktop does all the recording of my live streaming webcams.

Its ironic, but the advancement and prices of software on the phone for video editing has surpassed the desktop in this area. The things I can do on my phone are just amazing. Video effects out the wazoo are available, and many of them are free.

I used to want to save the $700 to buy a decent desktop video editor, but even the best ones now don’t complete with the sheer volume of effects and transitions users and developers are releasing daily. Snapchat can convincingly turn me into a wolf, or a horse. For free.

The problem is often sie related. I am limited to how long a video can be, because if it’s too big – I can’t upload it to the website. I can’t upload huge files, but I can get a decent sized one uploaded from the desktop. I can’t edit big files on the phone. The files I want are often in the wrong place. Even with use of the Google drive, it can be just enough effort to trigger my instinct to just not bother.

Because of this, a lot of content never gets seen. Usually my long walking monologues or other talking to the camera segments.

I’m trying to do better, but I don’t. I won’t. I just have to not obsess over everything I do being made available. It’s something I am also working on.

Not everything is watchable, and editing is a tedious chore, so I accept, adapt and ignore.


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