Tuesday Morning Good Start
Good morning after a big fight doesn't feel as happy as I would like.

Tuesday Morning Good Start

I have decided not to worry that I started talking to myself a lot more since I turn on the streaming webcams when I wake up. Ironically I’m quite happy that no one is really watching because I do disgusting things with my personal hygiene in the morning.

I also wake up, put my teeth in, eat some chocolate, and then proceed to smoke meth. Right away. Not a delay or a bit of guilt. I know that I don’t have too much left so soon I will wake up and go back to sleep. Not today

It’s 7:18 in the morning and I’ve already checked my social media and made several meth smoking videos and still photographs. I’ll post a collage of the stills a few places just to keep my presents online and then not think about that for a while. I’ll delve into other things. That’s the plan, but my days don’t always go as planned during this usage binge.

Today is the first day I have to cook the pigs food. The first day I’ve used to stove in over 20 years. It’s an ADHD don’t burn down the house thing. I’ll be extra careful and the cats will be very happy to have me sit in the kitchen for 5 minutes while they vie for position on my lap.

It was a particularly nasty fight last night. Actually scary. I should know by now that threatening to leave backfires and he almost kicked me out then and there. His anger makes him seriously crazy and it makes me seriously crazy in a different way.

The main problem I have with it is that most of his anger outbursts are silly. Fights that wouldn’t exist in a calmer mood because he’s not correct in most cases. Last night we were both wrong but nowhere near as wrong as he felt justified. I’m still feeling the effects.

It’s almost 7:30 so I suppose I should wake up and begin my day off the bed. Or at least my morning in the kitchen.

Update: he made a fresh batch of stew this morning at 4:00 a.m. and it’s still quite warm sitting on the stove so I have a stay of execution om using the stove and till this evening.



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