Tuesday Change Up
I blog and stream about blogging during a stream.

Tuesday Change Up

So this morning I changed things up a little. Technically, my morning was really just a continuation of last night, because I didn’t actually sleep at all. I turned on the lights shortly after I knew I was alone in the house. Almost immediately I started playing super fast pystrance music. Non lyrical beats that repeat, but with slight changes. I listen to a lot of memorable rave music but I think pystrance is my favourite of the sub genres. I still can’t really tell you which is which, but for my brain, I can work with this type of music playing.

I played on my phone in the morning as I usually do, streaming it out to an audience of zero. I have not yet decided if I am insane for live streaming my life or not. Today, at 8:30am I added a new twist. I;m streaming to my website, but also giving the social media site YouNow another change. Usually I stream here only when I’m very high, but I figured I’d see what kind of reactions I get during a work day. 

I’ll probably still be quite high. Spun is a better word perhaps.

I doubt I can use drugs openly while streaming here. Too bad. They don’t allow nudity but streaming but I have yet to find any public one that doesn’t boot you for brining a bong on screen. Except mine of course. (grin)

This streaming service is open and free to the public and so unfortunately that means it is subject to fake profiles and marketing bots. It took me a while to figure that out the first time I tried it. I briefly thought I was actually popular until they started repeating the same chat seed questions. Is this ChatBot new thingie supposed to make chat bots more realistic, because so far, Tumblr, Kik and others have horrible bots.

I have a user following me in this chat as I write this, but she is silent so I have no way of actually knowing if she is real or not. No worries. I won’t give her money anyway, so it doesn’t really matter at this point.

I will do my best to remember not to do online banking or any important customer webpages this time. 


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