Topic #16.. No, 17, no.. umm

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I made the desion to write tonight. I have been neglecting it because I had some realizations come about and I was more self concious. I am actually progressing.. or at least coming closer than I have before. I may…

Topic #16.. No, 17, no.. umm

I made the desion to write tonight. I have been neglecting it because I had some realizations come about and I was more self concious. I am actually progressing.. or at least coming closer than I have before. I may actually move forward this year.

I feel the need to say, or not, and calm your intetrnal instinct to root for me and expect good things. I am caught late in life having noticed that I keep trying, and failing… but I keep trying…

Now I realize, this may not always be the real truth.  I never stop thinking.  On weed or …


Pause.  Oh I remember.

We need a word that means not high. TEchnically, sober probably could work for both, but it shouldn’t. We need a word. Straight, clean… they mean different things and are not quite right.

Do you ever sit around wondering how the early people made things up.  I think I first did when I was 16. I’m pretty sure there is a mnologue in my first “BOOK” about how somebody looked at their invention and said; Fork.  THis is a fork.  Or more odd, people who translated invented words first.

Early men and women got to name everything.

I remember I was amazed when I had the realization that many names were actually just made up based on what that person did or was oknown for… but a lot must have been creativly reimagined on the spot.

Kind of like I do with passwords.

I wonder how the person responable for naming imigrants when they came to North America.  Was it one person just standing by the dock looking at each of the incoming and saying; Wood, Jackson,Washington, Black, Brown.

As I was writing the above I ws trying not to use Gender pronouns and a whole new topic blew up the inside of my brain with stories. Many other languages, I am led to understand, do not use pronouns at all, or in significantlyt different ways. Not just Gender pronouns, but none at all.

I have conversed with many people with native born African languages, and when they learn English, they have a problem understanding ours.

IT is not uncommon to talk to an African correspnondant, and have them say.

Am John by name.

Am looking forward to vist.

It is assumed the writer is in first person, and you never see them write “I”.

It must be a hard concept, because many of the cases where I have detected this african trait, was when I was writing back and forth with someboduy in Nigeria or Guana primarily, and they are pretending to be a blond in Florida, Califormia or whatever is far enough away from you to not insite a visyt, but close enough to consider a romance.

I am reminded of story where women and men in some of these nations actually go to classe and learn the skill of textually seducing a complete stranger. Like people always say, it must be successful enough to keep doing it, because they keep doing it.

I’d like to believe everyone in my circle of friends and infuence is smart enough to have heard about Nigerian scams. Even the old people who still believe your gay marriage will somehow lessen theirs. Even those people, I would think know enough not to fall for the sme line.

However, I know several who have been hit, and I will say the creativity of evil is always a controversial thing to admire. Criminal genius is still genious but I am sad when the crimes are against trust.

In my universe, crimes against the public or personal trust should be the worst punished.

I am also sad that prisons are for profit companies.

I do know street panhanders can take classes, and I have heard wonderfully delightful stories about the training courses that used to be mandatory learning in India and other nations that discovered the weath that could be had in being a call center for American support.

They even made a TV show about it which I watched, and to this day, give credit for informing me with reasonable realisam the business of call centres outsoureced to India. It was called Outsourced and was a 30 minute sitcom… but it has taught me more about Indian cultire, call centers and Indians than anything else.

I even learned about Diwalli.

As of my 54th birthday, I am officially broke. I earn less than I have been spending, and despite good intentions… I didn’t even get a trial month. In fact, October was an especialy bad month, withdrawing $2000 over my income.

I came very close to not having rent money, and in fact – there os a possability that I still might bounce. I see a $1005 cheque taken out n Oct 31, which is bad form, and in fact may even be illegal. The che… shit… as I type , the cheque was dated Nov1 but in the bank it came in on the 26th and ws cashed on the 31st.  Add to this, I don’t write cheques to anyone else, and it seems like that was the rent cheque.  I just can’t get it out of my head that [bing] I pay $135 in rent.  I don’t remembr suchs specifics.

The bing was a realization moment in our recent thene.  I do things the hard way.

Here I sit writing about thinking all day that rent is $1035 and having stress.  If that wasn’t the rent cheque, then I don’t have enough money for rent.  It is 10pm on November 2nd.

The ding signified the moment I realized the easy way to avoid that stress, is to log into the bank account nd see what I paid last month.

[pause while I do that]

Alt F S

Part Two.

It was my rent cheque, and that’s ok. I made it with money to spare because I finally started asking my room mate pay her rent on the first rather than, whenever as she has been doing for a year.

I went to the main computer to do it, and check in on the Second Life avatar that has been sitting in his/my new bed. That’s a story I won;’t tell here, but may write a seperate blog later.  I think tonight is a late night, although I am using one of my cheats and may be able to fall asleep earlier than usual on a writing night.

Recently I picked up the notorius side effect of certain drugs. Simply put, coke stuffs my nose for weeks, and sometimes it turns into a cold or the flu.  It’s hard to tell with absolute certanty the difference between a cold and a stuffy nose that alternates between clogged and runny. Real runny.  More runny than the cheese the cat’s gotten.

Especially when my boy tempature is also abnormally flopping between too cold, too hot, nd Goldylocks.

ding. The three bears is a #biblestory. A story that tells a fable that enough people know, it can be referred to in conversation and used as an anology. I’ve been using it a lot of late.


OF LATE.  A word combination my brain has been using for years because I could never spell … wait. I know how to spell recently. No, it was Lately.  It is one of the words I unconciously avoid becaue I son’t know how to spell.  The main one was nessesary.  I never used that word in writing before the invention of the spellchecker, or in live chat.


Aside.  When I take my teeth out, my face falls in a bit, and I can whistle various tones on my exahle.  The opening tunnel of air through snot is like … well, you should be able to picture it actually.  We’ll all had congested noses at some point.

I have been playing mine like an instrument.  It sounds a little like a ferimin player.  As I was writing it, I wasn;’t sure of the name of the thing. I was thinking pherimone in my head, but that’s a woman.

That leads me to remember the pride I feel when I get to tell people about my free public domain royalty free sketchg comedy skit scripts.  A key-wordheavy decription for 6 short.


I never know if it’s six or not, but I’ve been saying that. I do things the hard way.

I write a few scripts in high scjhool.  My dream was to form The Opaque Players and perform my shiort show; Translucent Comedy.

For some reason I liked using thoise two words together in a theme, despite knowing it didn’t really make any sense.

Now I am playing with my nose tunes and it distracts me. During an episode of Wil And Grace 2017 tonight, Jack was doing a series of crazy dances and the pop soing they chose to use was … oh… (rattles elbow) Old person point; what’s his name… Story flow ruined, despite that is my lesson to teach.  He wore that versized hat.  Single word name.

pppphhh… I do things the hard way

OK Google I say.  Some device beeps.  What’s the name of the singer who wore the big hat.

Here are photos of Ferrel Williams.

Thank you Google.

Ding: I wonder how many people say Thank you to Google Now, or any of the other voice assistants of generation is growing up with.

Second: I Wonder how many Canadians say Thank you to their voice assistant, when compared to the world.

When compared to the USA

I wonder how many other people have wondered how many people say Thank you to their Voice assistant.

I still do.

I know Google is always listening.

I’m not afraid of that. I think iot’s a next evolution to have something always listening. I never feared privacy. In the early days, I used to think – I don’t have aproblem woth people I don’t know finding out anything about me. In the days when I was not self proud, I would still find happiness in the idea that privacy was easily given up in exchange for the power I could gain from strangers knowing things about me.

I never even really feared the worst case scenario best highlighted by an early 90s fl;ash video about a pizza delivery order in the near future.

bing bing bing.  Realiaztion jackpot. The lightbulbs flash like a Casino slot machine.

My new bell ringing reminder is the I DO THINGS THE HARD WAY motto, and a new mental campaing to stop when I notice an example, and do the easy thing that will make the hard thing an easy thing.

I’ve spotted a lot since I started, and saved a great deal of time and mentakl anxiety.

The story that happened when I picked up my phone and said OK GOOGLE.

After one failed attempt at trying to get Google to find a 20+ year old Flash video about a pizza order that gets complicated because the pizza company is all connected.

I switched to the text google search.

BING: Dear Google.  Why doesn’t Google search use Chrome?  It’s a bloddy pain using a different browser for some searches and not others.

I clicked to get Google up, and started to type ORDERING PIZZA IN FUTURE  to see if it would be enough.  SInce I have not yet mastered fast typing on my phone the same way I have on a big keyboard, I typed orcering isstead… I could not click the correction because apparently Google stopped correcting our words when typing in URLS.  IT corrects every other time, but my comnspiracy theory is; Google would much rather you type it wrong, hit enter and let it correct it for you than correct it the easy way. I got frustrated that I have ben bothered by this for months now every time I enter a url on my phone.

I don’t go to the settings and see if maybe it is an option because I have a memory that it is, although that may have been the optiosn on a previous tool I bought and loved.

So, ding. Do the easy thing that will make the hard thing into an easier thing.

Look and see if I can turn URL auto corection on or not.

Aha. First lightbulb. Sometimes the easy thing is not easy.  Sometimes, as is the case with the Google keyboard in it’s current configuattion, the easy thing is actually hard enough to be a hard thing.  It has several places I try looking for the easy thing.  I do that too.  I know it WILL be in the settings, maybe 10 keystrokes away, but MAYBE it’s here on this menu… or this menu, or this spacebar press.  I know there used to be a settings btton right on the keyboard but I kept hitting it by accident and turning off Google keyboard in the middle of a senetnece.

I was about to give up and do the easy thing the hard way, but at the last second, I found the easy way. I held down the happy face emoji key and a 3 option menu popped up. I lifted my finger to click the one that looked like a gear, which for unknown reasons has become the symbol for settings.

The emoji flowers came up.  I thought to jyself, Oh, that gear is a fklower. That’s horrible.

I wonder how many people hit that thi…. oh wait. Doesn’t it make more sense I just missed the button and the emoji default appeared.

I pressed it again, and did exactly the same thing.

Doing the exact same thing over and over expecting a different result.  It is not crazy. It is learning and trouybleshooting.

On the third time I realzied, I can’t release my finger.  I must press the on screen keybioard button and then SLIDE to the settings.

All in all, I am certain this took far more brain power and key presses than the hard way would have… un;less I remember this button the next time I need to cuirse at Google keyboard and look at the settings.

I pick up the phone with the settings screen in front of me.

I have absolutly no idea what I’m looking for.

OLD MAN ASIDE.  The themed photographs for your keyboard. Not my Universe.


The remaining trail of realization lightbulbs was because I realized the reason I do things the hard way before, is because stopping is dangerous for my focus.  If I stopped doing what it is I’m doing to do the easy thing to make the hard thing easier, I might very likjley likeley likely get distacted by the easy thing, especially if it turns out to not be so easy, and never remember what it was I was doing so well before I interupted.

The hard way works. Maybe I’l remmebr next time before i start, but probably not.

It wasn’t an option in the settings so now I’m off to discover why it doesn’t work, even if I think there may not be a solution, there will be a reason, and then at least I won’t be agrivated every time I type into the Google web browser and have to manualy correct myself.

funny aside.  I learn a trtick that may work. I am happy. It is a setting I might find in the Google keyboard settings.

First step, I nee dto find a place to click so they keyboard pops up. I click the url bar of couirse, since it’s right there. In this one instance, the shortcut is not there.  Now I have to choose between finding another tool that will activate the keyboard with the emoji…

or did I just turn the feature off when I fiddling with settings. I might have.

Curse ,e.

I do things the hard way, even when trying to do things the easy way.

There was no success, and no more entertining story.


Break.  End of Part 2.

I started writing at about 9:30 and was about to watch The Orville. My new favourite show to watch, and also to tell everyone else to watch. It is the best Star Trek series in a long time although it’s not Star Trek at all.

Maybe I’ll watch it now.



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