Time Travel and Legal Weed

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Two Things Time Travels at the speed of light, away from the big bang.  We are in the middle of a time-line, like a straw of light from our sun, and/.or the big bang. (2) How legalizing weed would speed…

Time Travel and Legal Weed

Two Things

Time Travels at the speed of light, away from the big bang.  We are in the middle of a time-line, like a straw of light from our sun, and/.or the big bang.

(2) How legalizing weed would speed evolution, evcomnomy and society.

All the greatest inventions of our past, were influenced by stoners.

When I inhale a pea sized amount of weed, I write. I inmvent. I design. I explain. I theorize.

Image what that might mean to SMARTER people than me.  Brains that may never have experienced enhanced enlightenment and creativity.


I have been working on a theory of time for decades.  As far back as I can remember writing, even before weed enhanced writing, I have theorized and creatively written about time, and time travel.  My novel/move/comic book idea in progress is time travel.  I watch all the movies and shows about time and time travel. I even watch the science shows on time, and time travel.

Today was another one of those moments I’ve been speaking abouit recentyly.  It’s no secret that I consider my mind to be of the creative type, and although uneduicated, I feel I “coulkd” have been great, thinking of things with an uneducated mind is sometimes frustrating, but equally fascinating, because I come up with uideas based on my surrondings and ideas alone.

Sometimes it’s nice to see TV catch up with me.  On one hand it is frustrating when science or pop culture mirrors one of my pride-worthy ideas.  When sometuing I’ve written, but kepts secret – as I do woith 90% of what I write, is exposed on TV in some way.  I know instantly that my idea will never be considered first, or unique. It’s just something I watched on TV.  Like brand names often take over product names and forever, Kleenex becomes what we (at least in Canada) call a facial tissue, so ideas and inventions go to the one who you heard it from first.

Today – it happened with Time and Time Travel, and it excited me, before depressing me.  That’s pretty much how my mind works.

A few weeks ago, when Prime Time TV turned to reruns and reality, I started my summer schedule of TV, and bagan watching a few shows on the cable networks I wouild not normally be watching.  One such show was BEYOND THE COSMOS.

A show where a normal, less sciency guy talks about the Universe, in a way that is possibkle to watch for an hour without changing the channel.  I set the series to record.

Today, on the long weekend Monday of July 1st (Our Canada Day celebfration), I chose to watch the second one; “Time Warp”.  Time, and Time travel.

The show was as god as the first, but then it started talking about theories that were mine, and using descriptions surprisingly similar to those I’ve used in my wriotings previous.

Combined with my thoughts, I now wanted to go farrthger than the TV scientist and explain how my ides that difer, can be expanded apon.

I had been considering that time, travels at the speed of light, in that time is a perceived thing.  My theoruies had been in how we could easily travel through time, by travelsling through the light, reflected from earth, like a trombone slides up and down a shaft, if we could travel up and down the beam of light exiting earth, we would be flipping through a series of slives of that light beam, like slides in a carosel. (ask Mommy and Daddy what photographic slides are).

If you took a 90 degree angled mirror in your straw width beam of lighty, and moved away from earth with it, and a projector screen, you could display any moment in the history of earth, from it’s crfeation to NOW, which of course, is the first moment relected, and is ever moving forward.

It would be best described with a big budget of graphics artists like the show had.

Actually, in more moder description – if you move your mouse on the time-line of any YouTube video, you can see a single frame of the moment you’vbe chosen in the time line.  You move left or right, and travel through the past, present and future of the video, from start to finish.  Take that same idea, except the time-line is a beam of light reflected from earth outwards to into the universe, and your slide bar is a space-ship with a mirror and a screen, and you get the same effect.

The space ship, for the true effect, would need to tyravel at the speed of light, and then some, because the beam uis travelling outward at the speed of light.

At anything less than the speed of light, what happens is, time moves slower.  At earth level,m wehere we all are, we see everythinmg live, at least almost.  The distance between you and I, no matter where you are on earth, is visually zero.

Mathmatically, everyone sees the reflection of livem delayed by distance just a little bit.

As we move about, the delay from live to our eye changes. Things farther away are more delayed from live, because the light travelsing to our eye takes longer.

As we move farther away, the distance can become noticeable.  The lightb berams from our sun are 18 minutes delayed from live. If our sun were to explode, we would not know that for 18 minutes.  If we travbekl in our space-ship towards the sun, that time becomes less.  The closer we get to the object, the faster we see it, and the closer to live, our vision will be.

As we travel outward, that delay becomes longer.  The fastre we travel, the slower the transition of time appears,  The ckloser we get to the speed of light, the slower we perceive time passinmg.  This is because we are traveklling outrward on the beam of light, and the time from live is increasing at a different rate than we are travelling.

If we reach light speed ion ourt space-ship, all time on earth would freeze, still in place.  We we used ouir telescoped back to earth, we would be travelling at the exact same speed as light, and time, and so what we would see, would be the exact same moment, traveklling to our eyes at the same speed our eyes were moving away.  We would not be able to see any movement at all.  Only when we slowed or sped up so that we were seeing the light at a different rate than it was hitting our eyes, would we notice tuime again.

If we moved faster than the speed of light, we would see time move backwards.  It would be like rewinding through the light we’d already seen.  Like moving the time-line pointer back on the YouTube Video, one frame at a time.

If we slowed down, time would again move forward, but very very slowly.

If we traveled faster than the speed of light, we would eventually wityness everything that has hapopened on earth (at least viewable from our single beam of light, though our telescrope, from the moment we started the mission, backwards to the creatiuoj of earth kitself.  A full view of eath’s history is in the beam of light still travelling outward.

We can see the light of stars a billion light years away or more.  Many may already be dead and black, and so their entire life history is a single finite beam of light, like a shard,  travelling out in a billion directions like a porcupine exploding.  If we could record the refelction information in that beam, we would have a history of the star. Imagine that.  Our earth is trabnsmitinhg the same visual signal.  If you’ve seen the picture of earth from the moon, you see the whole blue planet, or at least one entire half.  That view to your eye gets a bit small when you go out past our solar system, but technically it’s still there.  As clear as we see the star of liught in the sky called Venus, all it takes is magnification to see it’s surface.  As we look at the moon, we see it, almost live, delayed a few fractions of an insant.

The show used a few new ideas I didn’t think about, but they fit into my plan – mostly.

All movement effects time. The closer you are to any object, the more delayed your view is, from real time.

They dream my time-lione using bread as a horrizontale analog, but it confused me more than explained it. They’re not talking about light being time, they’re talking about space being time – or distance. They talked about distances effecting the NOW we precieve, which I can understand, but their explaination described a scienffically possible theory, where walking towards me scewed their interpretation of NOW ahead of mine, in that they could perceive a future newer than my NOW.  When taken to the universe, this difference could be years.  The alien on the other side of the universe could skew his NOW to be 100 years ahead of the NOW I experience now.

I have also written many time on the theories of NOW and even considred it a name for a book.

NOW is a fascinating concept, juyst made even more fascinating by this concenpt.  I can understand, based on gthe above concepts of NOW beingh relatiove, and that two people not moving may experience a diofferent version of NOW, and that as soon as they start moving, their NOW changes dramatically from mine.  They may see things before I do, in math terms, briefky or extended.

I can understand that you can see the death oif a fly a moment before I do, because that fkly may be closer to you. If I can accept that to be true, then I should be able to accept that a person much farther away could see somethinbgg a year ahead of me beinbg able to see it.

I pause, as IO write, to ponder this concept.

I can understand that they could see something happening on the moon, or the sun, as much as 18 minutes away from me.  I accept that they could see something on another planet, or sun happening 1000 years before I see it.  However I still perceive that the things on my own planet are so close to LIVE that there is an inperceptavble future only.  Any distance away from thgem makes me the eyes closer to livem, and the future happens at light speed, and almost light speed for me.  I would instead, be seeing things in the future for the travellor, not the other way around – from the perspective of earth.

In the show, it was shown, an old story about a space travelleor coming back from his journey and less time has passed on earth,m than has for him. The austtronauts of the original planet of the Apes weher onkly gone a few minutes, and returned to an earth a few hundred years advanced.

If, as stated above, the closer you move to light speed, the slower time seems to move on the planet you left, how is it that time has moved so muich more quickly than  youyr own?

It must be more than mere perception.  Your own time is effected as well, nbot jst the time of the planet you’rew watching.

From earth, monitoiring the reflected light of your craft, you are indeed moving closer to light speed, but perceived from earth.  You move very very fast, but very very far.  The faster you move, the farther you move, but our perception eyes do not know this. They seem a year go by and you’re still ouiytv there,m getting smaller.

A second year to return.

That thought needs it’s own strand.


The show inspired m,e to take my ideas of time being visual perception of light reflecting from onjects to our eyes. It is obvious that time can be measured without light., It happens whether we look or not. A tree falling with nobody around may not make a sound, but it undeniably still falls. Although some csiencce claims that objects can be changed just by observing them. Scridingers cat is nbeither alive or dead untyil we look.  IN fact of coutrse, it is either alive or dead, always.

What if I expand this to the light of the universe, exploding from the big bang. Time now has a direction. It is exploding outward from the beginning of time, in shards of moving light from it’s begin to it’s end, which may have already hapopened.

We may be living in the middle of a finite time line, not the start, as we expect. Our life has a startm, buit we won’t deny we were birthed in the middle of existence. Tiem existed before us, and presumably after we stop breathing. Like starting a Youtube video in the middle, instead of the start, we now have a past and a future, already set.  We’re just viewing it.  YouTuibe doesn’t have an editor. All of iyt’s exdistance is display and comment.  No change.

Life could be this.  We could have a consciousness along the starw light beam. Self aware, and living the life as if it were real.  The futre has already happened, a billion years before, but we’re jjust living the movie, as if it were live.  There would be no way to tgell the difference.

In this theory, we can add the idea that each light beam COULD be different and moving between them could literally be like moving between universes.

That gets deep, but scince loves ways to explain the unexplainable, like the occult world.

In the show, they ask the question why does time move forward only.  Why can’t life sip back and forth like the YouTube video.  I ask the question instead; how do we know it doesn’t?

It wuld actually explain a whole new univ efse of unanswerabvle questions, if it could.  If the univerfse moved backwards and forwards all the time, with regularity… in any form.

We, as people on the earth, may not know it’s happening, but it is possible that I have lived this moment, or this day, or this year before.

Once, or a thousand times.  If an alien out there had a mouse and a timeline bar on our existence, we could be rep[layed over and over.  We would never know, but it might help expain psycics and déjà vu and other things.

The spaceship travelling outward away from earth could slide back and forth through our visual time-line and re-live moments as often as they wanted.  What if – that viewaing had consciousness.  We could just be the beam of light, in the middle.


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