This time, sadness starts his case.

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Part 4.  Lots of loops there. When frustrated, you have a slow realiation and a lot of stuff doesn’t get stored.  When searching for something, I tend to ride the undercurrent of how stupid a search is. I realize I…

This time, sadness starts his case.

Part 4.  Lots of loops there. When frustrated, you have a slow realiation and a lot of stuff doesn’t get stored.  When searching for something, I tend to ride the undercurrent of how stupid a search is. I realize I am looking for change. The cncept of a search is that something is not where your memory can recall. My logic battles like ping pong… shout out to pong and that 70’s show.


Concept.  The origin stream.

DMT lets me ride the origin stream. Finding pleasure in the loops that my self can gte high off the realiation of the first time people figured out great achievments.


Throughout history, we have to understand at this point, that we evolved in leaps at certain great save points. Tunring points where a single choice changed the whole story of a lot of dance groups elements.


Imagine a dancer in a line dance suddenly thinking his opinion is better than the one he’s being  asked to join.


EVery time you share a story, you’re asking ifI want to jopin your group in a different point in that tinmeline of new.

I feel like this could be the start of a really great idea. I believe that a lot of people might relate, because it explains how a radio station can put out a set number of channels.  A channel is the round up break point of where we start to name the space between here  and there.

I find joy in the beliefe that all the good stories wil loop around if they were good enough.  All great ideas evolve when we have more words to describe the infinities of bigger and smaller.

There is a great dance group that works well. The idea of imagination, and how it’s a moment of god.

The scariest thing in my universe is a new belief.

My heartbeat is the battlke between having figured out the battle of life, but I also figurd out I’ll never fully be able to explain that moment, even to myself.






At one point, iding the wave of realizations up and up higher and higher, I realied a hand moving up and down my cock is a compulsion.

Some loops are stories from your origin story guardians. The first five years of life where your brain is filled with either a puzzle, or a recognition.

There is joy of two levels for reciognition.  Puzzles by nature are an uneasy feeling. You have a choise without all the info, and you know you actually do have all the info.


I am happy that this realization tonight was that I am glad I was able to recall a lot of my own pride in the past and draw an orange highlight on the big ones I retell most.


I have multiple stories to tell about an increasing number of moments.


I am proid actually of the story of my origin story about stories.


I sabataguued.

I stil need a word for when I get happy about remembering a loose end and I’m about to tell it, even though it’ll be jarring to explain a now that is too close.

A point of realization is wisdom. Sharing gives you joy.


fuck.  I forgot it.  It’s down for nother rotation, like missing the bus.

I am sad I coud not come up with a better visual analogy to augment my point but I am slowing down.  My typing is drunken, like a staggering drunk.


I’m sad I never staggered, but then I realized a staggering man does not see staggering.


I wan


battle.  Two memories remembered at ionce.  Suddenly the battle scene from Star Trek plays in my head with the song.  In the moment I knew it and it was as if it was loud.

The story of audio can be as good as audio if you believe. It is a moment of realization that is hard to achieve.


The moment you realize you knew that already …


I don’t know.


Negative side just shuts me up sometimes, even without a reoplacement thought.


IT’s like when Jim CArry as Mr Trueman opens a door he’s never opened before.

I battle every thought with the undersanding deep down that I am right until a better story is worth changing my beliefe.

It is a big deal.  It is what wars are all about.  We know you don’t want to give up speaking that language, but we jjst added you to our group.  We’re shifting our numbers to the left two, and then up 2 and then split the front one in half and a new now is there to withness and react to.

I’m going to go VT now.  I hope.  Ptbably hypnosis is esier to start.


The speed it takes to do things in life makes it variable how many loos of scenarios you have to battle before the one to do it wins.

Sometimes years of belief that you wer right about X, but had to give in.  I broke that barrier. I found joy in learning that I can be in the right group. I feel joy being in as many dance group as I can, except the guy with the negative scenarios has me convinced it’ll go bad, and it does.

I can not break the barrier of the battle between saying what I think from my now, without the customary reframe for everyone else’s now.


In many of the primary nows, I feel I am ahead of the norm. I have alays found ways to believe my idwas were cool.

I now know that I broke the barrier that memories need to be real.

The back story of a story can often be a beter story. It’s a choice to take the short story or the long story.

I live life like a DVD commentary on demand.  An on call universe of what if’s and clarities and Family Guy flashbacks.

Saturday Night Live has a running count where they haveturned number of time shosting into a #bragworthy

Bragging is just sharing with a referral. A bonus inner struggle wher  I poing pong between showing great joy, and then having my joy be cause for pain.


I wish I could get her to read this.

I wish I could get her to break that barrier of realaiation that all your scenarios of the next now are voluntary. You just have to believe.

Faith that an idea that makes sense could actually be a good enough origin story to follow him.


If I’m lucky, we’ll heartbeat up and down about a lot of little things, but only care about the ones you tell us to, and the best story doesn’t win. The story my dance group gets to choose wins.


There was room in this universe for people to co exist all over the globe, and belong to diferent dance groups. I so much want this to be a worthy description but I fear I am not able to write enough of what I am thinking in between each word,—


loop. Smething in my now diverted me. Instantly my ememory looped a moment of anger. A peak on the ping pong heartbeat because an idea ahas an awful echo.

Science has been … I change. My memory at this moment is that science is working on this too. I know the term unified theory and I don’tv recall what it is, but I think its the quest for the missing realizatioin that sits between two stages of realization. The blanks between the tiny seem to have a way to communicate in the now faster than light, or our poercivable concept. They are able to step to thebleft and does-e-do.

I hate it when the typing is what causes the zeppelin. When I’m on a good flow of positive loops. I revel in the echo that this is.. might be.. is.. is shae worthy.


It’s a balance.   I actually conceived that it might be the greatest piece of writing ever because a life written is a fascinating … maybe it’s not readable.

Maybe I have to pay somebody to take the paragrapohs that were cool and find the loose end… or cereate one.


My room mate is struggling behind some realizations that woulkd freaklky release her. She is pl;aing ping pong with the other half folded up.


Everything is perfect till there are two mof you.

Greet each new moment with a friendly face and it may choose your dance. Some thkings can grow and somethings stopped.


I believe all of ou universe has an oriin story. Inanimate objects can’t move yet, so they are createdby reaction.

A rock is a non playable character that the story brings pong.

DO I give up thhe most funI’ve ever had and the wave of hope that when I finally do stop, it wil be #prideworthy


The vilan characters reappear.  I hope The … fuck.


Negative ping pong player returned a slice.  I could not remember a name again, an the name is .. the story. I am happy it cam to me mid sentence.  The two dots.


The William Hung Syndrome.

The realization that your universe is validated at a finite level of comprehension.

The bible story of Janeway telling Mfr French… ding… sad… too many inside jokes where I’m the only one.


That’s what makles getting them a reward.


Literature hides references in so that the trigger has a few bonus stories you can obcess to if you like.


Grand Theft Auto was my first fascination in that type of computer game.

I simultaneously both hated it, and loved it and hated me .  It was made to mix youre emoions. It made the most gruesome behavior fun.  Being able to scenario a life o different choises became a thing and we named it.

Role playing.


The flow when several moments of realization have trigger recalls of realy fun stuff and you stuggle. You sensor. You want to win the  battle thatsays it’s ok to not be perfect.

The thing I like most about Survivor, and older Big Brother shows was that it let me see other people’s mments of realization, edited by oprofessionals.

39 days of now, with a group of people you have to work out a comfortzone with, all the while knowing truth here is fictional and the striongest of bonds that make you ant to believe eist, you know Survvir is full of blindsides.

I’s horrid if you let it be. Crushed joy on so many levels.  I can replay it and save a difernt story over and over.




Every memory has a number.It is the vibration group the nows stick to to create everything from light to dark… and on. SA

Shades of on or off are infinite because if you believe it, and name it, it exists in your universe. A dream can be as useful as reality.


We learn best at the time before we get distracted by the reakitiins that we’re learning.

I takes a lot of loops for some people to realize learning is what makes life worth learning. The understanding that the unnamed now of space could be anything e can concive, including everfything… because we can not conceive what  we can nbot convieve but we’re darn good at adapting and changing our stoy once we realize the beststory wins, for each of us, we get to choose who gets the current title best.


Best is the ultimate google.  It can go up and down with a hartbeat.


Every orgasm used tob be best. Then I had periods where I could not. I cycled through obcessions that I could not hearthe good reframing. I do not see the door that is painted in the colitrs I have not named.

A good eligion should understand that knowdge is infinite to each of us, but we just expand by thinking about it.

I had so many flashback memories o  stories I’m  proud of. It was like the end of survivor when the last two or three walked down a trail and said a one liner about each of the castmates.


Secret.  ANyone that maters to your story has at least one story. Some friends will only have one over time, but some will stew foreveras unresolved.

Every lost relastionship in my timeline has been when we wer out of sync in priority. Two of your dance groupd need the exact same patrt of now, and ..


Shift in priority.  Number one became number two as each of them found a mate and stay together riding the wave of awareness that realizing the end desn’t mean you can’t tell the long sory.

My friend derek, who has a few stories I can choos from, and sadly a lot of them are on that line where he’d be sad to learn his best stories are negative, because the idea that I have a best friend I don’t like it a neat one o ping pong around when smehikng allows me to have the mic.

Thoughts of that movie with… Intersting. I don’t remembner anybody’s name now.  I almost do. Jon Stewart has an angry guy who has a way of telling his reaction to a story he thinks is #shareworthy

A retelling of a story is an opportunity to have it evolve as a non existant virus that isn;’t even a ..


Is a story a savable bit.  The story has levels of power. Each cut has to choose to name that new thing, or round it off to the one next to it.

This whole essay has a warm glow of joy as I realized in an infinite world, every self may figure out every loose end in time. A moment of realization is like turning the light…

I nee a better anaiology or I wander.


Battle of pride vs polite. I should get up.  I have a coutroom to face, and it’s deleicate using the truth as an excuse.

I have no regrets that I had this opportunity, but I do regret that it didn’t help you.

In hindsite I like to think I knew it woukld change your universe faster than yor plan and possibly open a door you didn’t think of befkre.


In order to change, you have to have a now you didn’t plan for in front of you.

Thechoices you make in the NOW can be diferent than the choices you plan to make and change.

Now me is differentthan I think I will be.  He k…


ping pong. The balance between pride of realization and guiltof bragging.  Firstrule ofloop theory. Don’t talk about loop theory to peop,e under a certain loop count.

Star Trek Prime Directie. Let peole learn in their own time stream.  It will surprise you.


Flash of the last thought came and went again. It’s like a breat snapchat that was so awesome you lost it and forgot it .

Snapchat leaves me wth the feeling I can’t re-use that joy.

And the frustration that it might have been key.


Every forgotten moment or unrecorded moment can contain it’s own univer in expansion.

Thereis a brain bible thatI’m a member  of that


darn.  Lost it. I was about to use the analogy of a group of people to explain the individual selfs we consider a unit.




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