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Every so often I hear a ping…or in this case, I heard a whistle that my body interpreted as the death beep. I hear many noises from my bed at 4am. I can mentally scan and pick some out. I…

Things I didn’t blog

Every so often I hear a ping…or in this case, I heard a whistle that my body interpreted as the death beep. I hear many noises from my bed at 4am. I can mentally scan and pick some out. I remember the handsome blond Duke brother had to teach Smallvilles Clark Kent.

I had a recent dream that sound was also a solid but the vibrations . Humans and animals all hear a different range but there is no reason to think some humans have wider ranges too.

I swear, on the right drugs, if I concentrate I can hear carrier tones. Tv sinsls or dome other wave length my stined mind slows down and hears. Thetecate many many buzzes snd whines in this room.

— that fridge!  Argh. It clicks with no msthmstical rhytm snd thats a blessing.  I learned not to wsit or kisten because its do random.

This weed is so syrong

How strong?

So strong I imagined I was on stage telling that and you were the audience on cue.

So strong I chose that story as my how strong example.

It’s 442. If I post this, close friends will know I stayed up another Thursday. My sober trial ended on schedule, and without spending a dime.

I used a found stash I had no memory of stashing. It was found in a second set of clothes.

This time, rather than snort my way into the alternate universe to live in rendered 2d to look like 3d. Second Life.

I’m on a break.

I worked. I started and completed a quality web design. A conversion upgrade to WordPress with Divi. It was fun, because I was doing it without interaction and no stops. The more complex site is filled with stops and I don’t start.

My life is like sitting at a red light that never turns free.

No. Horrible analogy.

In unrelated news, I have been having the most amazing sex with this new weed. Thc indica shatter. I’ve discovered a new genre of porn that allows me a nicer ride.

Pmv compilation videos with nice tits. Pmv stands for porn music video. Since I’m not training for sex, I enjoy master action my way. To fast rave music or even dubstep. Master action to the right beat, while staring at beautiful women in various stages of pleasure. I can last longer than the 30 minute one if it’s not the first one.

I may do it 4 or 5 times throughout the night, or not.

Then I’ll watch a scene for the climax… Sometimes.

455am.  The headlights shining in my window happens every night around 430. It’s late today. We don’t know the story of the storage room tenant and his harem of sexy thin black women, or perhaps woman. Her hair changes so dramatically, she could be one woman or 3. I hardly ever see them anyway.

Ding I do not consider that comment racist. There is factual science that I believe that explains why it might be true, that they all look alike to you… Sort of.

All the races are made up of a wide variety of head shapes. When broken down to identifying strangers, the variety can be narrowed down to a lot fewer styles. Among a head shape, all races have a large number of alike faces.

Same race people … I just realized I don’t actually know the science. I don’t know if it’s fake news, but when I heard it, ivsetvscflag and it became fact in my universe. I just lost the ticket. The claim check number.

Anyway, to me, I do not believe it is racist to say I honestly don’t know if she is the same woman. I didn’t look at her with intent to remember, as I would anyone.

I hate feeling guilty. Our society at the end of 2016 with everyone bring called out for mostl ancient poor or criminal behaviour and most are being asked to resign and vanish.

I dare say all of a sudden. It’s the new blacklisting in Hollywood. Organized hearsay could easily be used as a weapon. 8 women and a leak is all you need to destroy a career, at least for a few years, friending on public acceptance.

People still love Woody Allen movies

They fired Kevin Spacey reasonably fast.

I have no way of knowing reality. My truth is believing the story that seems right. My obcessive imaginative mind always thinks a scenario for both sides.

I understand that one can never know any reality you did not witness.

Everything in our universe is either the story we’re told, or the story we tell.

Power is often taken by those who realize the story is reality.

It is an appropriate term that the US President s name is Trump.

Trump trumps reality. It’s his name. His thing.

He realized, if you tell a story, people will believe. Followers will believe. Reality is irrelevant.

I tire. Kind of. The shatter and 17 minutes stroke session. I need to do that thing where you lay back, closeceys and pretend to sleep.

I get some of my best thinking in that moment. I think.


Or not.

End of part 1.

Not published live because it is an admittance to using.


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