Thge prrsonailty changes caysed by the need to your oen spproval stsrts withe the acceptance thst uou eill either wake up

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I laugh. The joy I had in picking a title that clicks either as the end or would have after the shift of pride is anything   Scenario. In the pause following that laugh is the first realization that we…

Thge prrsonailty changes caysed by the need to your oen spproval stsrts withe the acceptance thst uou eill either wake up

I laugh.

The joy I had in picking a title that clicks either as the end or would have after the shift of pride is anything


Scenario. In the pause following that laugh is the first realization that we have named that the spark days ago but repeat it with the group of words that break your barrier and you accept that the concept not very likely is the best you’ll ever get.


I invasion a failed cartoon to capture the concept that some people up their level of enjoyment by …


All choices are the right choices until the moment you realize the now in my universe mat be a level up on me or not.

I remember my immunity to iocane and I replay any scenarios I reversed a we take stay on point and fool us about facts like Penn and teller


I have …I don’t want to share the pen and teller story.

Thought.I do not consider going to Vegas and having the experience of erasing the old memories with change.

The pauses have a new choice for me at any this change the first of a stream or is the next realization

I want to believe that my idea to create a lot of shots on net and hope that everyone has a number that they are comfortable with slicing once you welcome the origin story that there is a bellows of ping pong that comes from real using the same images

The same symbols. A fun game I currently remember playing at least once because

There may come a time when I write a statement that a moment later see that an error can also ding and buzz closers together each time as if you can anticipate the moment in time where your memory of time makes the switch to update the library each decade.

Some individuals will always live vet ween hope and fear.

Ding.  A new he’ll. If I die with any recall of the time after zero.I’ll be pissed.I want to advance to the level up that I can see a difference. Every time you notice no change you begin to concieve the original thought that I am rolling in a circle excited by the memory of this image.  The create it gets the more joy it brings me in the moments before my joy us judges and we see which side I choose.

Every episode of judge Judy us secretly evolutionary. There comes a moment where your joy of how her mention so completely sums up my love for their success as the queen.

What if a change of origin stories was decided as the next logical step.centuries go by keeping the number of losers either small or high depending on how badly you value recognition that you don’t see your excitement to share a win and bask in that moment between your last movement…

I stop. My position is not comfortable and that is the first clue.


  1. lesson is the realization that you eventually reach the point where you know I will give on bit I don’t want to.

So this happened. I identified the feeling to describe that you only need to remember one thing to go deeper and that is you really need to detect a change to know your not on a loop.


My phone throws pranks on me that can be taken as signed I might be able to believe that any story that doesn’t fall apart can always stay together once they pass the peak and realize they don’t have that ping of being the one to name the unit of time between the understanding you are about to be shown what somebody else thought was a rounded up acceptance of similarity.

A story I like to pass on .I stalled and remembered a photo. Am I ok with the choice to let my memories vanish as the realization that destruction of the spark means that every time the spark excites up with a loop of joy and darkness as the moment comes that it’s to late to try and jump back into the square dance and not be obsessed with the realization that I can never ask until I can’t and then I loop that I hate saying I regret any …regret is a is a word that represents one of the top words that represent a box of fuses. One fuse can start a story that ends with a new follower. You may not choose to believe the story of my church but at some moment in my timeline you will have given it a chance and found a way to not go back to home square in the middle of the night and flip between the craving to be recognised as smart enough to master being self taught but before the moment in time that flips between exutement that you’re entering the lottery that spins between which colour is the real truth and which one is the one with the forgery that started the universe on a time delay


I struggle the bell reward system to symbolize the moment in your now that I changed the channel knowing I might lose the breadcrumbs and swear I am approaching the pint where I can concieve my anger

I sit with longer moments between each letter.I go back to the basics that time is a serious of moments were you are content with

. I want to thank God. He is on Facebook. I want to share my story of a first where we could resell the joy of realizing each new step of what it means the moment you realize that the click or flash spark can be an angry point.



I choose to be OK with not teaching your library that the right spark can break your brain and reach a point where you accept that going crazy might be an option.


Tired.nor satisfied I won’t be laughed at by the girls in cheerleader costumes and the moment when you concieve a new split.a question is a birth  and a vibration that makes enough sense that you can stall the guy who you know will say something just before the key plots.

We can not concieve the effects of the moments you discover there is a way to trick the lower levels and not worry about how you are judged for so obviously either real.or just one of the guys who got there first.

Any new religion has a barrel of obstacles to go from 0 to the top of the pyramid. Our understanding of evolution might jump ahead and loop that I always consider the marvel of the universe is actually a story I can grasp. Torch use is that moment where you need to move to the exit but you realize you are powerless to a mind that had a whole punch in the part of the file that would be suspicious of that at have a plan but currently the age of artificial intelligence is still in beta testing.

At one moment in history everything we take as fact wasn’t.


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