The Wall of Tomorrow
A photograph of the wall of tomorrow. The imaginary wall in my head that I toss all my problems over.

The Wall of Tomorrow

It’s not the best and it’s not quite what I was thinking of but I used AI to create an image of my wall of tomorrow. I have written about it a number of times in the past and talked about it in videos. It is an imaginary wall that I toss negative things over whenever I am presented the opportunity. 

My life philosophy has always been to ignore it and hope it goes away. Sometimes it does. More often than you’d expect. I tossed these things over the wall of tomorrow and worry about it only if it comes up again. So many things have been tossed over the wall of tomorrow I imagine it bulging like a hefty webbed garbage bag. 

I’m 60 this year and the wall hasn’t burst yet. Every now and then a couple of things might leak through and I have to deal with them but not very often. 

I’m hoping I die first.


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