The Universe is Jello

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I am typing this after snorting a third line of K. I m unsure what effects it will have UT trying to type will becomes difficult as time passes I suspect t. it’s is 2am although I had a hard…

The Universe is Jello

I am typing this after snorting a third line of K. I m unsure what effects it will have UT trying to type will becomes difficult as time passes I suspect t. it’s is 2am although I had a hard time seeing the clock over there,.

I I try to type… it is effort .MmMmm 9s music

the question I need to understand is about movement. does iron all move their vibration dance step in sync.



Big bang 1 becomes two and explodes into infiniy.



what if it started at the other end.




The first vibration was 1 becoming two. but two is meaningless without three. so far apart nobody can notice. eventually the vibration is enough to visually notice color change . as each new step is addded, we start to see light changecolour, to radio, wifi, sonice,then eventually there are enough units that we begin to feel the unis. Color vibrates just enough to add a new dimension and becomes gas. Then solid.

the elements grow as the universe expands from the moment became two.

the more units we add, the more less complex the vibration pattern becomes.


The universe needed to expand to allow for a second line. Once it split, there were two units of space that had to be accounted for. The universe had a 0 and 1. From that point on, NOW had two units to care about. They were different but only slightly.

so now became a jumper. It had to first be 0, as it had always been, but then had to be 1 too. NOW had a then for the first time ever. When each of the units split, NOW had four places to be at once, and 4 different variations. So zero became the color spectrum first,as it grew. Each time a unit split, the universe expanded and added new lanes to the light of nothingness.

NOW slowed down. It had to be a gazillion places at once just to handle purple.

When four was the number, did NOW jump to the fourth position, or did it swap places with 2?


cube of jello

Big bang. Entire cube moves one unit to the left. and then moves back and forth as the first vibration. Zero now has a shade. When they split, more space is opened up and the jello cube can now move either 2 spaces to the left, or 1 space left, center, one space right. The jello starts to jiggle. Split, and the jello can now dance 1 step left, center, one step right, one step up, one step down. Hmm… It doesn;t need to center so it can only move in one direction at first






Lets us say it doesn’t loop 1234565432123456 but instead 123456123456123456

1 2 4 8 16 1 2 4 8 16

What makes it a gas, liquid solid. Perhaps at some point, the distance becomes to far for NOW to handle all the new units, it needs to start a new dimension and start adding the new units off to another line. height is born and a whole new level of complexity. 32 might be up a layer instead of out front.

1 2 4 8 16 1 2 4 8 16

1 2 4 8 16

Like the rounds sung for row row row your boat. The universe is now 3 dimensional and We have the gases because they have a texture.

I’m still having trouble explaining why the vibrations are lowest for the uranium than the hydrogen.

Maybe instead of expanding the universe to fit each new unit, they have to squeeze them into a finite jello cube.

When there are only two, they can use the whole universe but each time they add a new level, they have to pack them closer together . Purple is 1…………2 and lead is 12

So the universe doesn’t expand, it just splits the existing space up to be occupied by eerything.

the solid objects hardly vibrate at all. The strongest element is the one that moves only one unit right and back. Nothing passes through it.

oh. so zero is actually not light. it is nothing.


My theory breaks. When 1 becomes two is it at the light end or the solid end? Was the universe a solid?

Is zero actually like 100%. Ooooooo…


1 splits and becomes 2 equal halfs. ah!

two equal halfs of the universe is huge.

Ok. Back to jello cube.

Slice the jello in half. Big halfs. Sliver each half in half, Big quarters. 8the, 16ths, all ending up with very tiny jello that is eventually one 2 units. A vibration space of 2.

Cutting it in half creates the loop. 1 unit at each end.

No matter how you slice it, it’s still always the same size jello cube.

I like Cherry Jello. Orange too, but second.


MmMmm Jello. I try not to think of Bill Cosby.

4:20. Break. I can think more anothertime.

End of part 1.


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