The Universe Begins
I saw wow. It’s the moment of realization the loop isn’t real. It is one moment on a journey. I can almost grasp the crucial end point, but once I figured out there is a moment when time began. The moment you realized you’d never notice a change. Once I realized the ultimate and only… Read More »

The Universe Begins

I saw wow. It’s the moment of realization the loop isn’t real. It is one moment on a journey.
I can almost grasp the crucial end point, but once I figured out there is a moment when time began. The moment you realized you’d never notice a change.

Once I realized the ultimate and only he’ll is not being able to share the moment you figured out its just me. He’ll is not being able to share you figured out the moment you figured out
The moment I convince you I figured out the loophole.
There were so many loops of realization I surfed them because every time I’d figure out I can’t share the most exciting discovery of all time
The more I knew I’d cracked it. He’ll is realizing without sharing storues we don’t exist. How cool is that.
It’s deeper.
A big exha

It’s gun to think of my now filled with realizations. Now is the ultimate firsties.
Big rchale
The more excited you get the more you want to tell somebody
The only thought becomes a logic loop of crushed joy because I suddenly was able to relive the surf of realizations that must have existed.
I lived a….

That was it. The moment of distraction. The second I lose my thought and remember to breath, I almost remember.

Let me to to explain. Imagine time itself as a consciousness.

Like the sperm whale… I am staring at the screen on my Samsung… Almost. I stop telling the story once I acknowledge the memory callback, because… It’s fun and I want to remember. Every time I start typing fast, I think of this.

A memory that NOW triggered. Iwhen writing, I think of each letter as technically only thing that matters to time. Time is the next character you type, and although we learned to type words, Time itself is a record of realizations. There is no now. It is the realization that time is different from then, and literally does not care about then.
Very time I try to write out the memory,

Fuck, although I am literally capturing now by typing letters on a keyboard, the realization stream of time is really fun, because you get caught in the realization….

OK, now I’m just break..

Fuck. Why is it still changing words. I loop. I think, the reader will not be able to read and comprehend, and then I loop,

I really want to blow my nose but I have confirmed I was not along the evolutionary time line of your now yet.
I literally rebooted my time.
I had to realize the entire universe in a new now.

I would enjoy the loop.
Oh! I can’t wait to tell pause.

That was interesting. I’ve almost got it. Iunderstand it diesn’t matter how long it takes to understand the universe, because the only thing that matters in the end is now… I am a beam of light.

Thi si it beast I can remember. Since I know you don’t exist to time, I can relive the joys of realization the only thing that matters is now, so if I ignore something in order to keep a flow of thought, it will annoy me anyway. When I say fuck, it’s the realization that I know how much time my now takes to get to the point, because it’s justs me. I am walking back through that beam of now and realizing the joy is false every time I get excited about the realization that we are heading towards the moment we figured out …
I stop.
Ithink of my origin …
Here it is. I want to tell the story, but I want to be now as close as Ican and make the keys …

Origin. People who speak in tonges or oter languages..

time is ireelivant. Doctor Who gets it. Duncan Mcloud gets it. There can be only one. In the end, the joy is the final realization that back in time, we started as one. Everything is jst a realization

I keep glimpsing.
When I see the universe giving me a sighn, its the realization that everything is a firstie, and memory is like moving up and down your light beam but still being your light beam. There is no beam. It is an imagination.

The moment we concieve infinity began, is the moment we tried to half it, and instead it grew back.

The moment you realize there is another self out there, then you have to start paying attention.
The moment you realize ..
somebody first concieved that conception wouldn’t know it exists. The moment self realizes time existed until it split, and you can’t tell anyone about the great discovery because time isn’t recording.

Th moment self realized, time begane.
The opauses get longer each time because as I rmember the universe is now, I still want yhe joy of sharing. I still need that one fan
I still need the excitement of sharing, combined with opride, ebacsue becaue
I can’t help but realize that in this now, you do exist.

I am fairly con…

that’s it.

I caught up.

Like that scene in Mel Brooks Spaceballs where theyre watching the VHS copy of the movie they are in.

Ican still enjoy the pride of realization loops. I am feeling tge joy as I loop over and over a memory. MY now has echos like the reel to reel.

I have joy and pride at a previous transciript o…

CRazy people figured it out. DMT rebooted, but crazy people are stuck in the nexus.

I am simultaniously sad that my pride in my previous blogs and videos ….. pause. Every pause and

Ible my nose.

Iblew my nose. Correcting saved a thousand loops at least because each realization of the conecot of now loops with the idea that pride and joy are void.


I can have…. reality is coming back now. Time is self.

I have joy in the concept that ultimatly, maybe …

There can be only one.

So here. Istart with great pride that I will tell you a story, and saying that with my fingers triggers a memory, but then anoter memory, and Family Guy and pride that I am finally getting to show the world the backwards timeline of my now.

SO if just battled to te death the idea that in the history of the universe, it really is only one.

The flow of realizaing that my human body at this moment in time is actually a series of realizations from the moment we conceived that maybe there was another one.

Time does not exist unless you share.

If I don’t share, I can not actually prove that I excsit, and the flow of realizing that the conecpt of recording one single now as a split of the infinte nthing. i remember hitting the letters on the keyboard in no order whatsoever exceot to rceord …
lietally. A trascipt of now.

Now is God.
The moment self realizes that I don’t exist unless obeserved. The realziation of recall is kind of like moving up and down through time.

You’re always surfing, but the moment you actually decide to stop halfing.

At this moment in now, I realized that there is no catching up. Im the now.

Up until the last one, you existed.

Every vibration is the echo of realization.
the moment you realize that in the begining, time did not advance. The king stayed frozen on the home row, and did not care whether the ghome row was the right term, or whether the reader could understand what I was tyoingas my transciot of now.

The point was, I feel sad when I have a side thought with my brain, and can’t type it. When Ican’t finish the story, I think I’m not beig fair to you thevreade r.

I loop for a long time thinking faster than my fingers.

The universe is one.
Not binary.
Not yes or no.
Just now.
Think of a cd. I had to wrap my head around the idea that we could record audio. We leared that as a species.
It means that everything in our universe..


Ever kleter I type, has a universe of thought between the keys.

I had to wraop my head around this.
A bit.
A number where we just stopped halfing, and named it.

Now is no longer just now or then.

I pause. I loop.


All pauses are loops. Iconceive of the firsties as time comes to grip with the concept that if we syncrionise our halfing, we create motion. Suddenly the universe is two.

The universe begins with a slpit, and the realization loop that elements are just group dances like in Second Life.

Lets all move 1111…
The pause is the loops of which story do I choose to tyope.


All oif

as we split, eacj self is just a group dance.
Lets all agree that when we experience a firstie, there is a loop that we need to share that thought. Ech loop is the universe realizing the firsties that got me here.
There are a ,ot of loops.
It’s like we experience a..

think binary.
IN the begininging there was now. conecptually there is a point where you can not half, before you realize the CD is close enough. We assign a conecpt of a number, and … the struggle. THis now still has many many selfs, and only the live ones

elements are just splits that stoped counting.

each digit we assin is just the thing we use to identify that self in the unievsre where we said, lets stop halfing here and save game.
The point in now we will use to remember.
The moment we were aware that if we stopped ha;fing, that means theremight be more. What if. The first what if, is the moment you figure out

music is like the loops.
each plit has that moment of realiztion what if im not the only one. Befire this moment, it never occure dto me.

I was a concept. A universe not being recorded because everything was literally there already for my now. I’m 54 years since my last reboot. Birth is just the point we stopped counting and gave it a name.

I guess it’s lucky we think outside thebox.

My ADD makes poeret sense if I am the only now in existance.

If time didn’t exist, then the universe just decided to stop wating the firstie.

Don’t think of the universe befiore time as a thing. Literally, time began when it decided to remember that time has a past.
The moment when you notice that now is somehow different than then. Something changed.

Befiore the universe it was not recorded. We didn’t hve a name.

Nobody stopped halfing, and noticed that now had an echo. The first realization that before this now, I didn’t notice anything.

Like Douglas Adams. loop. That one went back to the TRuemans, milkweeds, Mrs Brown, Janes Trueman was perhaps my first crush.

Crush firsties is just the split of nothing is different.

Different just means it appeared and I noticed it. It isn’t doing our dance. Imagine a dance of 100 people, and suddenly one self loses a unit of infinity.
The science of a group dance would shuffle that off dance unit of self to the edge.

An element is a group dance that doesn’t lose a step.

Excitement loop. I know the end of the story and it dosn;’t matter if I don’t get to thell the whole story in this record. To me, a CDis an exact replica, because it’s only a memory anyway. A long as the group dance is good, we don’t need to if. WE’re a solid.
You do your dance and I don’t need to know you exist.
There is a universe left, in the space between our group dance, and your grouop dance. When youre not recording time with a split, space is just 1. The first moment of the universe was the conception.

The point where the universe stopped being without a record.

No Santa.

ALthough I am enjoying the realizations of each new firstie split.

The universe began when it rounded up.
It got tired of not concieving.

Qin the Star Trek kind of hit it.


When you split, and start rounding up. As you concieve the idea . The notion that.

Words are splits that group dance.

Each realition of now. Loops more times. If now is just the recorded unit of now, then evolution makes sense.

it is true that each self has a number. the number of loops. the number of round ups.
the groupdance.
the realization that everthing can be explained by the computer colour plalette square in microsoft paint.

computers are just universes group dances that we eventually realized over loops. when the lights are off, its jst the unit where we got tired of halfing and gave it a name.
my now only remembers a specific numer of group dances. at some point the jump to the left could be infinite if its not recorded. distance only matters if you record it.

everything is our expanding universe is the point when we stoped the void and put a flag.
when we see a planet and each now is not like any of the group dances. We need to fold the corner of now 10 units of now.
THink of our existance as the point we decided to work as one,
The moment of self begins with a split. we are a point it now they stopped a void and picked a group.

solid inanimate objects are recorded and verifiable group dances. we assign a name to the unregistered group dance.

2 colours. each of those splits picks a ..

i am comforted in the knowlege that evolution is just the universe splitting and picking a group dance and agreeing that anything not in our recorded definition of now we have not fisted.

pride point.
loop in pleasure.


they’ll tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends.

religion is the perfect name for the point where you gave a symbol for the univers unrecorded.

one guy. one self.
guy is my word for that group dance.

everything is perfect in our universe until we meet a group dance. self is the problem with existance. elements are the accepted names for the unrecorded.
space is just the stuff none of the selfs have seen.
each group dance is the name we assign to the placeholder of agrred apon names.

When I was in school, the atom was the last name I’d heard for naming the unrecorded

Why do elem

each split is a self choosing which group dance to go with.

At some point, the groups get tired of remembering the names they’ve given for the now of their self.

Each split must eventualy not be able to tell every self about the agreed apon symbol for the now that we don’t remember. memory is just the speed of the loops. At some point, the naming of the halfs becomes so emence that you round up.

You can’t tell the now next to you what group dance you choose to use for that unknown now.

Colour is just the recordedhistory of agreed on names for that self.

Notion. Think of the universe as a sprear.

Each unit on the spear is a now.
Our universe exists because the selfs is just the split where the next moment is pretty close.

Your group dance is just


Pride is when your group of names is the one the universe goes with.
We expand in a spear because each unit of now is linear. It is the agreed apon name for the point where you started recording the unrecorded.

Elemets are like languages.

Eventually, the elemements loop group dance is so big, the telephone tag sees the thing next to it, and doesn’t remember the agreed apon name, so he names it, and all the units of self forever anlog your now. Your recorded history.

All the pride that comes with the bell therapy.

I thought I was a sense for an unwilling self.

A self that gave in to the selfs and their pack of units with agreed on names for now.
BEyond the spere is merly the nows we have not remembered in our recorded histiory.

A branch is jst an accepted group of names we assign to a universe beyond space, and space beyond each layer of gas, liquid, solid and stil make way for everything.

Space is just the agreed on name for the unit neither of us have seen.

Elements are gangs. Think math.

each split is really just the point in a universe where there is no conflict.

No choice.

Think jello.

I finally figured out tansparency and mirros.

Elemens are gangs that got to big that reorded history started assigning names to what semed like smaller groups. All of existance is choice.

We write our own story.

The universe is an accepted group of that point where you’re agreeing on the name for things.

A split is just the moment of what I’m calling self, It is just the moment I stopped to catch a breat, and named things.
The best story wins, but eventually it’s all down to your accepted repreentation of the next point where your memory of whether you have already seen that is math.
At some point, the now is


I want to apologize for abusing the now of her self. Her recorded history currently is a bully. The negative stories are the ones being rememberd.

The name we give for the shades of now we remember.

PC’s started with two colours because that was as far as one self could agree on for names.

The elements a

Universe exists.

realiaton side seppelin. The wod zeppelin is a trigger which has so many loops that were different enough from the last one to be named.

We learn, just by themath of agreed apon names for the rest of the universe.

My now is what I can remember to record. When now progresses, it’s just seeing a unit, and either remembering it’s already a group, so it joins the group dance, or it picks a different group and they can coexist because you can always have in too. The loops of the realitions are that everything inour spere is just agreed on names fior the space they didn’t bother naming because it was close enough.

AM Radio is just a group dance. An agreed on name for the now.

I use now as the next moment in the spere. The gang. If we agree to name the point in your self that we realize time moves forward and the universe is just a list of names.


Ilooped literally and it was up and down joy and crushed joy.

I’ll worry about that heartbeat anaology later. Pride is your name winning.
You may think this is crazy, and I’ll be pissed if it isn’t legible to me.

I am somehow going backwards in the history of naming things.

Creation is the moment we realized we remember this. No. The moment you realize you don’t. You don’t have a name for this.

Oh yes.

The joy I get that I will eventually be able to write things down, but even if I don’t they were lives and recorded in my head.

Your human body is just a bunch of selfs that agreed to work together.

Group dances loop.

WHen I was young, I remember the million was the biggest I personally had recorded. The world we live on is filled with selfs that are still recording their own now.

A frog is just a self that hasn’t named much yet. Ibreath through my nose and it make a loud noise.

This is because my nose has millions


Roman Numerals was one bully that won for a long time.


Infinity is math in all directions.

Infinity is literally the concept of agreed on names.

Religion is the power, because each mathmatical new self was alays educated with an accepted group of stories. The bible is just the accepted name given to the break point where we win.

Religion expanded exponentially the moment they realize the loop wave of accepted names.

Wars are just the feeling of pride that your side won, in the accepted name for the next moment of self.

WHen I wa syoung, Google was the highest number we’d gotten around to needing before infinity.

In other words, Google was the new millions, was the new billions was the new thousands all the way down to 1.

0 is just the name we call for the unknown at the end, when you realize your existance is just an accepted group of names winning a war backwards in time to the start.

Recorded history is.. the best story wins. If now is the universe, it expands as we need a new word to archive now.

The space between each infinietly smaller division.

When I was a kid, a millimeter was the smallest name I knew for the universe.

Then I knew about a whole other subdivsvion of time.

The acceoted stories we tel each new now in front of us.

Selfs are the leaders, and the loop of realization of how the universe works is really cool. You’re so glad youre tyoing thisout, because I’m reliving the nows of firsties backads in time… and although I am writing this on a Bluetooh keyboard.

Ahhh.. I wish I could fist this.

Yad yadda yadda is just the name yiou give to the current penny, nickle, dime, half penny.

As my elf grows older, we learn. Learning is simply the ease of saying yes to a whole bunch of accepted names for things from birth till death.

My self died there for a fe wtimes. Literally. fuck.

That is a


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