The Secret life inside my head

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I’ve been writing a lot in the last month, and have been heating high in order to get the high of being so creative. However, instead of worrying about that now, It’s a good opportunity to see some of the…

The Secret life inside my head

I’ve been writing a lot in the last month, and have been heating high in order to get the high of being so creative.

However, instead of worrying about that now, It’s a good opportunity to see some of the intricate workings of Jeff Goebel’s head.

Side thought. I just had a weird vision of a possible future storyline, but it vanished without evidence before I could write… And I was writing at the moment. Whoosh.

I chose to believe my mind works in mysterious ways and if I forgot it before I got to write it down, it’ll come up again.

I can imagine a documentary about myself. If I were famous already, I’d be famous. I’ve been paying attention to my own quotations and sayings since I was little. I’ve always thought that it was on, we only quoted great men who were already famous, of saying great things.

I believed through everything, that I was funny. It was a conscious choice with a rich back story.

So when I make a statement I have pride in, I often wonder; if I were Prime Minister, would that be a quote that would be heard?

Universe figured out a bit more. Level up

I bet great writers come up with all the good quotes, and they sell them. I bet one good quote could be worth a fortune.

I suppose it has changed the world that twitter can sway an industry. It’s an instant membership of obedient followers. It is the most powerful force on this planet. One that realizes everyone for success, luck or good management.

It’s bigger than any political following. Think about that moment on each season of CBS’s Survivor when the question of an all girls alliance comes up. Somebody’s going to mention it at least once in 39 days. They always do.

There are some people who will abandon quickly to adnace
And the ones that never abandon and hope to get rewarded some day.
OR not at all really. It’s a pleasure.

I was getting too deep, and have forgotten what I was typing about.

It’s the battle of sides again, staking ground before bed time. One part of my brain on the negative side of the arena and one on the positive side. I chose arena over courtroom because it’s more entertainment than sports.

They bounce me a lot between pride and shame in these past few months. I never know which post will be the one I share and if any would ever be seen.

I’ve learned to be proud of my circle of friends, who are all supportive to me in any way should I ever have the nerve to ask. I work hard to stay social regularly, and my monthly fajita nights are a thing.

I should promote monthly fajita Mondays to Lone Star and start a group.

Everyone needs to retain a connection with a community, and in today’s world a lot of us don’t get our monthly source of smiles and stories with friends.

The TV sitcom Cheers was about a bar where everyone knows your name, but I’ve centre found that chat rooms exist all over the country in many forms and everybody does know your name.

We have moved to accept online communities as the norm.

I am a fan of…

Darn. I hate when I am ashamed to show my pride.

Point awarded to the negative team for such awful distractions in the flow of my writing.

The end.

As a note for the archives, I’ve been using different mediums to write these posts, and I’m unhappy with the current one.

DING: Light bulb. All my aches and pains are because I’ve been N bed for the whole time. Worst postures ever… Always… Only…
Like now.

/me runs to desktop in other room. Can I be high out there? We’ll see….

Please deposit voluntary tip to continue.

That was a joke, but delivered so that most people didn’t think it was a joke.

Is this a shakedown? A threat? Am I saying I don’t need you?

No. No to all those. Sorry. That was a weird bit of aggression seeping through. I have tio watch myself a little more for the sings of – what am I saying… I either admit to crystal meth abuse and make it a part of my story. I honestly think parents need to know that as bad as any drug out there is, it’s quite possible meth will be a miracle cure inside his head, that it will be hard to live without.


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