The Orange Jeff Show (Thought Stream Transcript)

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I don’t like to be loud late at night when I’m not alone in the building. When I do the videos, I am loud. I get excited and volume is a full dimension of expression. On the other hand, I…

The Orange Jeff Show (Thought Stream Transcript)

I don’t like to be loud late at night when I’m not alone in the building. When I do the videos, I am loud. I get excited and volume is a full dimension of expression. On the other hand, I personaly hate loud. I fear it. It scares me and I shy away. I have three loud childhood memories that may or may not have made me cry. Loudness reminds me of at least one, if not all three.

I enjoy fireworks as an activity but wherever I am, the pops and bangs must be almost silent. I enjoyed the Benson and Hedges fireworks competions held down near Ontario place. I enjoyed them from my 6th floor condo balcony. We listened to the music on the radio.

Then the Government decided cigarette money wasn’t welcome for public events… or some similkar law. I understand. It’s probably a good thing to lessen everything about cigarette companies. Banning them may be a 100 year process. We’re in the filter tip years still.

ding. Do I like that analogy? I wanted to express .. I edit, moving forward – never back.

Cue. Staaaar Trekkin, across the universe… Always going forward, -csyse we can’t find reverse.


I noticed some new words and phrases sneak into my vocabulary. One I like and one I play the grumpy old man card.

I don’t like the word cause being used in place if because. It’s been gradually so I’m accepting it, but perhaps I should have done that bit with my Wonko puppet.

Insert Wonko puppet rant on guacamole

Story time. I’ll see how far I get without help.

Several neat things happened drug use this weekend.

Lightbulb. One cpouid in theory sell real world drugs via dark web to people in second Life but have drop shipped to any address. I still don’t have the nerve. I admit to being a fan and user to many


Sorry. Drifted into some Willow trees there.

I recently announced with pride to a table of friends that I was confident I have taken LSD more than anyone they knew, and then briefly defended against some of his suggestions. It was a crazy moment that really should not have passed my filter.

Oh. Back to the story. Im@gine I @m in an orange kayak going down a stream the represents my story. Every so often I fork off right or left and tell a different story for a bit and then back.

The evening starts with me in search of some new shatter. This is a new term for a specially concentrated THC goo. It’s used primarily in a dab rig. It’s a modern day hot knife.

I realize these terms may mean nothing to you. On the web page maybe they’ll link to explanations.

I use a tool called… Umm… Oh yeah. Weedmaps. At some point before legalization, I think dealers are going to be hit hard. Till then, this is an awesome app. At this point in time, several cities have been semi allowing open sales if THC and CPD products to virtually anyone over 19

Raids are getting more frequent so many give up.

I found this weekend, with moose man and carabanna

Ding. I’m glad we got that name back… Ha. I say we as a united Toronto. Carabanna isva fantastic name world wide. It is an event. When it was the Scotiabank Carribean Festival it just wasn’t the same.

I don’t believe there is a single person in this city or Canada that would not be delighted and overwhelmed if the President of Rogers Canada were to make us a deal. If we mostly agree to call it Rogers Skydome he’ll agree too.

Secretly I have considered buying the naming rights to something.

I ….


Am I rock bottom ?

I might be. I might be primed for an intervention. That’s the future? Stay tuned. Your guess is as good… Quite possibly better than mine.

Ding.  I called the dispensary.

Whatkind of sighn up?

Short form. 5 minutes.

and I can buy today?

Oh yes of course

Nice drive. 30 minutes traffic I’d say but really nice day.

Form done.

Ohhhhh… I’m sorry… I can’t approve you.

Her reason I’ll paraphrase as, you doofis, you’re not supposed to tell the truth.

Because I had listed my real symptom and prescription medication they may fear they seem responsible if I stop taking me real meds.

In the case of my real meds, I could die if I cold turkey.

A second new place had some on weedmaps but it wasn’t a fresh update.

Lightbulb omg. There is a huge market for dispensary pos. Live inventory.

Buxzxx. Guilt pressed his buzzer. You don’t want.. hmmm… Online inventory is like asking to be robbed.

Judge? I’m not sure because I’m too high to …

Back to story.

The second place I went took my picture and ID.

It is clear the smart ones and keeping a mailing list for weed smokers. A valuable list. The coin flips and these places are being busted so good can collect a mailing list.

Wait what. Why did these places both need a more official sign up. Could they be just to gather lists.

I sure hope I’m not sent to camps. Either kind. I’m not certain but did father Tredaua shit. I can’t nitvdoell my prime minister’s name in my blog.

Oh yeah. Google is built into my keyboard now.


I liked his father. I like him.

So I drive home unhappy with cash in pocket. I decide to check out for sale in Craig’s list. I’ve seen 420 delivery add in the personals but I was delighted to see the quantity in the first sale.

Some were under Heath, some under home and garden.

I found an ad that mentioned shatter and less than two hours later I had shatter.

Every time I fear. I hope tonight isn’t my night to go to jail. Blogging and bragging about drugs is stupid. I’m not famous enough to be let off.

Ding. Is it racist to think I have a better chance as a white old man probably… But who knows. My age might all be secret druggies that don’t let their close friends know.

I’m sad I will never get to talk to my folks about drugs… Because I bet they did some. I think they were cool.

Anyway… That was drug story one. Shatter was delivered. I was able to get high this weekend.

I’m tired. The second story was some asshikecwannabe jerked me around for 36 hours and sadly has my voice saying some very incriminating things.

Bummer. I really spilled. I spilled later on whisper chat too. I like telling my story on aittle weed. Or a lot of weed..

I did some serious dabs beforeveriting. Two types. This one is great. The other one seems intentionally sour. It did however come in real)y c0oo) rubber Case I’ll cherish.

End of part 1


I’m back after this commercial for Tootsie roll fruit chew mini. I used to pick out a few vsnillas and avoid them but I got used to it.  Orange should be my favourite. It’s pretty close but I like lemon.

these Tootsie roll minis are one of the few candies you can carry with you in all weather and terrain. They don’t melt or freeze.

Story two I don’t want to give much credit to. I’m a bit scared at what it might have been. Truth be told, I’ve been high school lot lately. It’s my norm evenings but I say I’m cutting back tomorrow. After that last chocolate cake I’m going to buy.

I almost bought a chocolate cake today.

I did spend 50 on something I won’t use firv4 months but it really was a hard item to please me.

I’d been looking since summer last year but my current one is garbage.

I’m stopping here actually. 2am I can sleep.

End of part 2


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