The nose whistler whistler.

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rediet has treat me like im five, which i chuckle at and enjoy, but a treat me like im old is a slightly different humour… because were probably more self aware ifn what we lost than our baby self was…

The nose whistler whistler.

rediet has treat me like im five, which i chuckle at and enjoy, but a treat me like im old is a slightly different humour… because were probably more self aware ifn what we lost than our baby self was self aware of how amazing it was to figure out how everything woked silently without understnding …

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whay am I in text html mode. whoops.

attractive fontt is soothing.

interesting IN STORY

Did you know that my thumb still hurts and i;m still weird posture blogging. I have hese poses for orange jeff too.

if i lay back i can go deeeepr. deeeepr

I am speedy. My meth might be coming from somebody close enough to a cook that its tweaked for me. Ifelt the need to give my compliments to the chef tonight.

ding. Thought bubble.

bam. a thought bubble is the visual representation for non spoken thought. I know it as the /me command of IRC chat or second life. I often joke that I like the avatar reality of Second Life because its possible for the people nesar you to know what youre thinking without hving to sy it. I often use it for humour to describe the thoughts I would not speak… like Snoopy the dog or Garfield. We the reader are privy to the thoughts unspoken of comic book pets. Reading the thoughts of actual people is a less often trick because it could creep me out wondering how we would knowtheir thoughts.

I do not believe I do believe that.


lucky Bastard people don’t yet realize, he has they staying power of any president orevuious. He may end up being thegreatest president of our time, if the majority of our future is told the official stories.


What if the Government lets say, ran all the libraries. In small communities, I am led to believe, that some oeple were always given the responsabilities of keeping the stories. At that time, the universe was very small. If we go back to origin story time, our story isn’t known, or owned so it’s technically still up for grabs, and that terrifies those who have manage dto turn the community book of official morailty stories. The story of a magical man who preaches a pretty good outline of being nice, written at least 136 years ago.

Note to remember, at least while in my universe. We can not know what we do not know. Everything in my universe is the stories I’ve been told, and the stories I tell. We have been raised on stories as have every generation before us.

In my universe, it makes perfect sense that this concept was understood, and the universe expanded at various speeds, as different cultures must have learned everything.

Alythugh I do not believe this, understand the logic that we need to believe ythat the universe works the way we believe. For some, that need is stronger than in others. For many, they go to the community gathering and the town elder stands to a podium and tells the stories of the day, or week if they do it once a week as I am led to believe.

As an old person,I have learned many of the back stage secrets to life, and can easily grow skeptical when I see how easily some people cheat and lie and hurt.

I can not fault people for being evil, because if you don’t have that thing… that feeling that doing the right thing to make somebody else’s story end well, then evil makes sense.

I can comprehend that to people who do not have the concept that Santa stories and Jesus trained us for. If we did not have a childhood that somehow built into you the fear of losing love for one parent or both.

Stereotypes exist in my universe for Jewish mothers, that deal as experts in the guilt that is as over the top extreme as Red Sanford’s constant heart attack subject changers.

I goldilocks in between. My inner need to impress both my parents in different ways was an imagination stage show that nobody was invited to, and was therefore, perfect.

I imagined their pride and smiles much of the time.

Disclaimer. Much of my memories from any time past the #camper story are limited and I confess parts may be 100% fabricated. In my experience, this is an early stage of what my Grandfather had. Making up stories mid sentencse.


My Mom did that too.

I didn’t spend enough time with Dad to create new memories and decided I was content with DFad’s stories to mostly be from the 5 years I was the child on visit duty. It might actually have been 2.

9:… I will wait and type (:12 so as not to come up in a search for disasters,



There is a new show on network TV this season. It is called 911.

I can imagine without efforts how this was a bad idea in the world of search engines. The network has accidentally created competition between emergency sercives that handle life saving calls every moment, and a TV show.

I have not looked, bam.

The alternate stories come running to me like interns with stock market slips. I have a story to tell about a 911 call. Lets put it online so for the rest of time, anything to type into google with 911 in the search box will almost certainly force you to share your life saving information with that episode in seaon 1 where the guy was also by the fireplace with the red hot fire thingie through his middle.

ding callback

lost it.

Break. Drink ALT FS

I think bloggig with a panel could be hilarious and then I think that was a great idea when they called it every other form of blohhging. The Internet is what TV called a panel.  Except instead of Holywood swuares, chosen for the anaologybecause …9 squares meant 9 celebrities and we got regulars to return for and new ones each week delivering punchlines on life.

I loved that show.

I own the set for that show in my alternate universe iof second life. It was a previous dream squashed.

break for real. 9:17