The Evolution of Orange Jeff. The Pilot Iteration # N

I think I set both the A and B bluetooth profiles to the tablet.

Tarren: Oh? So where is the TV computer keyboard now?


You know you use that exact punchline way too often because I don’t think anybody but you even gets it.

I took the opportunity to reframe some mental down swings into motivation to force some change. I am enjoying learning how to exist in the Universe I am quite literally defining every moment of the day…. And there. That’s it.

What?  You’ve peaked there?


Oh come on. We’re high. It’s different tonight.

You’re too high.

Well then so are you, so remember that.

You won’t let me forget.

Their voices never raise, and I noticed the attention to detail given to recreating my own non slamming doors. I appreciate that on three levels.

I am fracturing my characters. Today I decided to add Tarren in as my Interim co-host.

ding. Call back.  Tonight’s episode is called… The Pilot Episode. The Monday Iteration #2

I should stop using the fourth wall humour. It’s never been a hit unless I can explain it, and even then I will accept my fourth wall characters that are self-aware characters being played by actors. It bombed on my first share with the Transparent players and it’ll bomb here.

Ding. Wisdom Character. Remember. The loops loop whether you use them or ignore them.

Hmmm… so these writings have now become the words to the show?

Nothing is known. We say fuck Yoda. All life is trying. We never know DO OR DO NOT. We try,and are often surprised at the outcome.

At least that is the theory. So far, I’ve been a loser every time but always start on Monday expecting a win.

pause break.