The easily distraction afternoon mental block
Another half day down and the rest is the hard part

The easily distraction afternoon mental block

I need the money to buy food. I finished the last of what I have including all the chocolate today and I do have work to do, but it’s 4:00 p.m. and I’m in that mental block phase where I know things that have to be done but it just hard to get them done.

The internet would have been believed that this is just a part of my ADD and there’s nothing I can do to help it. While I understand probably is ADHD related, saying that that’s all there is to it and I might as well give up seems like the wrong lesson we’re teaching.

I’ve been giving up on things for years without a reason.

Just now I came very close to getting lost in the distraction hole of new video editing tools because I’m running out of creative ways to show the exact same way to use drugs over and over.

So I sit up open my web browser to the page appropriate and stare at it blindly as I have been doing for most of my life. The inability to begin. Once I’ve started my focus medication will probably keep me working on it till early evening but in my head there are steps to take and things to learn and it seems hard. I know it’s probably not hard, and I respect my intelligence and skills but it’s easier to say it’s not hard and not do it. That’s the battle. The struggle.

Other obstacles will present themselves over the next few minutes. I’m already hungry again and craving chocolate. There are other things that I can do and I have to try my best not to start one of them instead. I have a task for a customer and it’s not that hard I just have to do it.

To be continued…