The early bird special


It’s the first nice day after 4 days of rain so the animals are happy to be outside. I am too. Fall in Ontario It’s a season that most people seem to like. At least they post online that it’s…

The early bird special

It’s the first nice day after 4 days of rain so the animals are happy to be outside. I am too. Fall in Ontario It’s a season that most people seem to like. At least they post online that it’s their favorite season while the colors are still changing and there’s lots of orange everywhere. As we get further into November and the trees are empty and everything is gray fall is no longer people’s favorite month or season. It’s depressing as hell. Well, probably not as bad as hell but it’s hard to compare to something you haven’t been to.

I personally wish that some would would discover the huge marketing advantage to renaming Christmas lights to seasonal lights or fall lights autumn lights. Anything that takes away the celebration of Christmas and allows us to put our colorful lights on the trees in early November without being mocked or shunned. I’d also like them to stay up until the spring starts up again. November and December can be depressing months weather wise. They can be especially depressing months, depression wise for those less fortunate or less religious. December is marketed as the happy month but for many, myself included I’d rather skip ahead to spring again after a snowfall or two. It’s the lack of color that gets to me most. Seasonal colorful lights that people didn’t feel obligated to take down on January 1st or before would help a lot.

I put some food down for the rooster and the healthy twins, then went inside the chicken coop to feed the older weak twins that aren’t in the same click. Unfortunately I talked to them perhaps a little bit too loudly, and the pig woke up. I knew this meant he’d come wondering looking for food so I rushed back into the house to prepare a meal.

We’re out of the stew This week, so it’s mostly dry food for him today. I added an apple to sweeten the deal both literally and figuratively. I forgot to banana peels in my room which I was supposed to bring down but I knew he’d be out already searching for where his meal was so I didn’t go up and get them. The apple would be enough a treat.

This proves that I don’t think you really cares what he eats. If he was on another farm it would probably be far less interesting and less variety. The luxury meal is more for his human owners happiness than his I suspect.

By the time I came out with his plate, he had started to eat the chicken meal. He had almost licked the plate clean as I arrived and the rooster and hens were not pleased.

They will nibble at his plate but they don’t really like it as much as their food, or at least that’s the impression I get when offered both. In my attempts to get around and pick up the dish the rooster came at me fast and took a bite out of my foot before I could stop him. One point rooster.

He seems to be able to tell the few times I’m around him without my defensive cane. This was one of them. It doesn’t hurt and I doubt he broke blood since its fall and colder and so I’m wearing slippers and socks which gave me enough protection from the attempt. I could still feel it but that pain has quickly passed.

I put down a plentiful amount of chicken feed but they kept eating the pig food for a while. I had to flail my arms and knock the plate around to get them to know this I had politely replenished the food the pig head pigged out on.

I came back to my chair by the house to sit for a while and watch them in the distance. I fed the fish a little bit although I’m not sure they’re still alive in there. The water is quite cold. They’ll be moved into the house tomorrow I suspect. A lot of things get done on weekends since he’s away with days.

That’s the chickens walk away, the dark when I call crow shows up from wherever she was hiding and eats the crumbs as the pig fights her for it. He’s obviously still hungry. He probably misses his stew vegetables. Probably not so much for the taste but the mere quantity of food has gone down without it.

He’s a fat pig though. The stew will return tomorrow and he’ll live. We can’t tell if he’ll live happily or in agony. That’s the beauty of animals. They seldom complain. At least the ones that can’t bark.

I feel empathy for the pig though because he has no choice. He eats what is put in front of him with no menu to order from and no second course to request. He goes to bed hungry. We have been feeding him in the morning as well so he probably ends up eating more in the day than he used to.

Writing that down in this blog made me feel a little bit better. Fuck that pic he’s getting twice the meal he was last week. (Grin)


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