The dog that doesn’t eat treats.
There isn’t much more that I can say about that. I live with two dogs. The male one doesn’t love treats but he certainly will eat them if I have my hand out. He follows me around and gives me that sad face if I have food. It’s not his fact. He has a sad… Read More »

The dog that doesn’t eat treats.

There isn’t much more that I can say about that. I live with two dogs. The male one doesn’t love treats but he certainly will eat them if I have my hand out. He follows me around and gives me that sad face if I have food. It’s not his fact. He has a sad face all the time.I’m not supposed to feed the dogs treats or otherwise but sometimes it’s nice to reward good behavior and it’s been a life change for them to not have their favorite master around all day to yell at them and play rough.I’m a completely different personality around them and they seem to have adapted so every now and then I’ve got a little bit of bread left over from the chickens and I toss it up both of them. The male eats both. Ironically it’s one of the only things they don’t quarrel over. They get very jealous of just about any other attention or action that I act towards one of them not both.I think maybe the female is more like me. She likes what she likes and that’s dog food. Lucky for her that’s what we feed her. Well… Not me. I’m not allowed to feed her.I made the pig an extra special meal again today including some apple jacks and a couple of the last batch of peanuts. It occurred to me well watching her chump it down at full speed that not only is there no way to tell what she likes, it’s not really possible to tell if she hates certain food tastes. She might absolutely hate those applejacks that I’m considering a treat. I tested the theory on the chickens today and they didn’t seem to like them. They also don’t really like naan flat bread or pumpernickel. It’s easy to tell for them because these are treats not served within the meal but just tossed around the ground and they eat what they like and they pass over what they don’t. Sometimes one of them will like it and the other one doesn’t. Much like humans.I know a few humans that will eat whatever is put in front of them and say they enjoy it and I never quite understood that concept. I have a very fine line of what I like and what I don’t and it baffles others why I don’t enjoy tasting new things.I’m of the philosophy that I like what I like. Why would I taste something that I might not like. It’s a risk that is unnecessary. I know I don’t like certain tastes so I don’t eat them. Of course I probably take a little bit too far on the obsession side. In total I probably eat about 20 different types of foods over and over whereas people who cook or have partners like to enjoy a variety of foods.I could live on about four foods everyday I suspect. Pizza, steak, burgers, chicken pot pie, chicken fingers and sandwiches. During this time of poverty I’ve been eating on less than that over and over every day. I buy three packages of bagels and a bunch of lunch meat and that’s what I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner most days.On months when I have enough checks coming in to pay the bills, I might order a pizza or two. Two is cheaper and I discovered a couple of years ago I like cold pizza the next day and the next day. The fourth day it’s not usually very good but I select my toppings very specifically to last well. Little Caesars Pizza may be good when it’s hot but it doesn’t hold up well for the next day as an example.As for dessert, it’s getting harder to find. I like a good chocolate fudge layer cake but not the type with cream or creamy filling. I like a good apple pie but I also like a crappy apple pie like the kind you might find behind the glass in a school cafeteria. I only know of two places that serve this as a restaurant currently and one is in Toronto. The other is a restaurant I don’t normally order from. It may have been 3 years since I’ve had a piece of apple pie.It was because of this I discovered I actually like the McDonald’s apple pies which are not apple pies at all but turnovers that survive well either hot or cold the next day.The trend over the past few decades has been away from dull desserts to exotic expensive dessert but combine a number of ingredients and I won’t try them. I don’t like leaving food on the plate and I don’t like telling people why I don’t like things so I just don’t order them.I’m up front until people I don’t like eating yet other people’s homes. I’m not an adventurous eater. Unless you can guarantee that you’re going to serve me macaroni and cheese as plain as it gets and not add extra ingredients, or you let me order my own pizza at your house, I’d rather not eat there and risk insulting someone or more importantly, the embarrassment of having to describe my OCD like behavior with food.I like what I like.I’m not sure why other people can’t understand but they don’t. They always want me to try this or try that or just try a little bit. How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?My answer internally is that it doesn’t matter if I might like it or not. The risk is that I probably won’t and then the rest goes to waste which is rude and literally wasteful. Why try something new if I can eat something I know I will like.I have a similar attitude towards restaurants. Why try something new if I can go somewhere I know I will like. This one I’m more flexible on because pretty much every restaurant serves chicken fingers and hamburgers these days even if they make the hamburgers a little bit exotic, there’s always the fall back of chicken fingers.For this reason I don’t go to foreign restaurants or Indian restaurants or sushi. If I don’t know I can get a hamburger, let’s go somewhere else.Yes ladies, I’m single.My favorite type of restaurant used to be the all you can eat buffets. The United States has a lot more variety in this type of cuisine but Canada used to have some really good ones that I returned to regularly. Alas, two of my favorites vanished during the pandemic and will not return. Pizza hut used to have a glorious lunch buffet where a low price allowed you to eat a salad, some form of pasta, a dessert and as much pizza as you could eat in rotating variety. I like most pizza but I like to Pizza hut the best. As long as didn’t have mushrooms or onions I was pretty happy. Technically I also don’t like all of anchovies or a few other items but on the buffet they were not common. I ate it some of the Pizza hut buffet so often the staff got to know me and they brought out my favorite which was green peppers and bacon crumble. A recipe that does well the next day and the next day.Pepperoni gets dry and crunchy.It was another buffet that served Canadian style food and delicious roast beef. They also let you eat for free on your birthday so I suspect I ate there at least once a month and spent the birthday of myself and my friends there every year as an event. I watched them go from five locations to four to three to one which luckily was very close to me.Thanks to the pandemic there are no more Tucker’s marketplaces. I’m mourned this loss on my birthday and will again next week.There are some Chinese food restaurants that serve just enough Canadian style food for me to enjoy them and justify the price now and then but after the pandemic the price is rose dramatically. I haven’t been to an all you can eat in 3 years.The reason I like them is because I can get a full rich meal similar to what might appear on a menu but I get to pick and choose. It was ideal.I’ve heard them on going and grill still has two open locations within a driving distance but I have yet to find a friend that wants the day trip. When I lived in Waterloo, that’s where I got my vegetables each week. The lunch price was less than a cheeseburger combo and delicious. I’ve been looking for Mongolian style restaurants since but again, the pandemic changed a lot about the way we eat and the Mongolian grill was very susceptible. It was a restaurant where you chose your raw meat and ingredients and then skilled teenagers from the university nearby would roll them around and cook them up on a giant 6 ft round grill in front of you and the rest of the patrons. I called it a tourism restaurant because it was fun to go to with friends especially if they’d never been, but at lunch time it was located next to a university so the price was just ideal for a very full meal. All you can eat meant I could go back for a second plate and a third and a fourth if I was up to it.I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but I really miss owning a car. I would definitely make the trip back to Waterloo just for that meal again and I know I will one day.Well… Time has passed and it’s now evening enough that the pig is back inside and I must go put on its evening blanket and then retire inside for the night.Photos are of what the pig eats.


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