The co operative universe

The co operative universe

Idea. Frogstar.TV becomes a hub where like minded fans can mingle and yell stories of how youve told these stories.

A personal page for decure public sharing of the people roaming the halls every year. Big smiles.

If Frogstar.TV creates a formula for members to be a channel. Avatars are treated as presented. The reality is generated by the story.

Unlike YouTube and others, this vido component is based on all videos created . Packaged shows. If you help to produce a show with comitment.

Instead of organizing 30 strangers in the churchbasement to reherse and eventually perform a play by neil Simon

That doesn’t sound right.

Oh wait. Pau Simon in the small stature musician that really hates riding in elevators.

I wish I had somebody that Icould ask to fact check things withut guilt. I never had a problem paying peole to do things I didn;t want to.


Well good morning Whistletown Manatoba.  I hkjwhfehfkjwew

blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Try again Monday

end of what seems like part 1 but it must be at least part 2.


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