The Club
I am a helpful person when I can be. I like to make people smile. My goals in life have always been to support of others in some way. I’m working on a new project that has been my idea for decades. … I stop typing. It’s late on Christmas night and I want to… Read More »

The Club

I am a helpful person when I can be. I like to make people smile. My goals in life have always been to support of others in some way. I’m working on a new project that has been my idea for decades.

… I stop typing. It’s late on Christmas night and I want to sleep… But apparently not enough to stay trying instead of doing a little more.

Meth is not a “one more before bed” kind of drug. It’s more like a “one more night awake” drug. Even if you use daily and are on a sleep schedule it’s still not a good idea to smoke some shards.

Oh well… Now I’m in the limbo purgatory of needing to sleep and not being able to, in a home where I am not supposed to be up all night. So I do more to really feel awake.

The concept.

I am creating a social network for specific markets rather than global ones. A community website that offers social media services popular on the major outlet’s bit behind a private membership with a smaller market.

A cooperative community specifically catered towards drug users. Stoners.

I have found the drug community filled with chill cool people. Much nicer than the bar community.

My new website will offer blogging, chatting, social posts and selfie sharing behind a membership, so community guidelines will allow for things that get you banned elsewhere.

Np Botts. Real people who may choose to participate in group discussions, share experiences or arrange local meets.

Reviews of places or experiences that are fun and drug friendly, or places or people to avoid. When I talk about the idea, my mind is excited with potential and because I’m high while I write this, it can’t possibly be anything but a great idea. Stoners doing their own Yelp ideas, but just for other drug-friendly businesses, or other members.

Need a barber or a landscaper, check the membership first.

The site can be a store, and the members can sell their own goods in it, or create drop-ship markets easily for stoner-type gifts and gadgets. If you don’t want a store, you can make a marketplace listing.

The chartrooms available in text or video are linked to the groups, but whatever the topics, expect a lot of people will be high, and forgiving if you are.

Post an event or promote your own.

The idea is also to help members find things to do. Organized speakers, poetry readers, pistcasyers or comedians can all hold video live streams or even events around the city.

If you’re home alone, some chartrooms may be hosted by moderators that try to keep conversations glowing with conversation aids.

The site isn’t specific to online gaming but the groups can still hang out here, knowing nobody has to hide their usage.

So it’s got a lot of the features of Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, blogger, eBay, Amazon, match and Grindr and Kik all in one, with people you may already know… In your city…that might be high as fuck.

If Toronto is even a limited success, it’s easy to expand.

There is a wall for immediate status or photos, but each group has their suite of tools too and your personal page can also have a media library and document storage as well as other personalized options

Become friends or followers and feel free to post the pics you don’t post on Facebook or the videos YoyTube bans you for.

My preference would be to do this for free and rely on sponsorship and donations rather than ads.

The neat thing is that it doesn’t take much to be a success. Even if 15 people join, and it helps them without costing me, I’m happy. I see the potential for it to be a place stoners would like to check out and word of mouth promote. I know I’m not the only drug user that likes the culture as much as the high.

This is the project currently being developed by me, for me, with existing tools. I’m excited to have something to be excited about.

I know I’ve forgotten stuff in this post. There are lots of ideas I’ve added to over the decades. I wanted a place to serve the needs of the high public, especially at 2am, 4am, 5am and onward.

If I need it, others do too.

That’s even before I talk about phase 2.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates and news.




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