The closest thing was only 17 clicks away…

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February 18th 2018 – The Pilot Episode        YES: 0   NO 7 I still have not been able to direct my hands to type the point form ideas. Both scenarios are huge joys that I can describe as…

The closest thing was only 17 clicks away…

February 18th 2018 – The Pilot Episode        YES: 0   NO 7

Realization Lightbulb Moment Evolution Fork. Save Game. Drink Fluids. Take Paxil. 1:10 late.

I still have not been able to direct my hands to type the point form ideas. Both scenarios are huge joys that I can describe as work.  Yuck.

I know that on the other side, I adapt and find joy. In fact, it’s kind of my thing. It turns out I love change all along… I just hate worrying about the change in advance.

First, Define Time. Synchronize our NOW

In a universe like mine, bound by different dimensions and limitations, I experienced something that I thought was a time skip, and it freaked me out. I was at my place, and I was texting. Turns out the WordPress screen just flipped back a paragraph when I wasn’t looking.

No.  I think I wrote this. I already told this story, and it wasn’t well received. I choose to not tell this story again.

Ding.  A new feature of the show.  Is the blog a show?  These blogs are written in the first person at the speed of how I think and speak. They could very easily be turned from a blog of words to the spoken words of Richard Dreyfus.  Do you see it?

Not Richard Dreyfus

At this point in my weekend I have three basic fears, but if I think of more as I am writing them, I choose not to use the Monty Python comedy sketch that would relate perfectly.

  1. I have been smoking my odd smell THC concentrate more than usual but less than … no. Not fair. My value is not made greater or lessened by comparison to another, especially given our nature to choose obvious winning teams.
  2. My biggest fear is that the people on the third-floor notice, are bothered enough to comment, because they have a baby… or because it stinks in general and they didn’t know what it was.
  3. Tony is disappointed. I don’t think we start yelling, but I will lose perfect tenant status. I only recently discovered why perfection was always a goal despite the ridiculous obstacles in my way.

The Catch of the Day

I throw a different object to my co-host every day and they remember I’ve been nagging them to change that graphic to catch up.

The pill reminded has now gone off 4 times.  It is behind me only a few feet.  I hate it’s alarm only a bit less than the bell.

ding. I will do it now.  I wasn’t going to but dammit. This is the change I’m saying. If I know I can only complete a task when I am alone is if I complete it before I forget it. If I can do it NOW, I can get it done. NOW JEFF is the man.

The problem is, I am almost always doing something else NOW, and the idea of stopping that and starting a new task for the sole purpose of not being interrupted in the middle of that task. The math is the same.

ding. I know “The Problem is” is one o those lines I might overuse. I jokingly dis start using the Spanish Inquisition line after he kept remembering more.

“Amongst my problems, and such diverse elements as;  Low self-esteem / worth, Disappointment a default because somebody had me tested. I wasn’t stupid. At that time, it really did look like I was just choosing to make everyone mad at me. I’ll admit. I had no better answer. I learned about A.DD at age 27.

Time Sync.  This is Friday morning for me, in that I woke up Friday morning and I’ll go to be tonight around 2am I suspect.

ding ding. I figured out which group will be next. It’s escalating more quickly than my predictions, but that is a good thing.

I once said, many years ago it seemed to me, an uneducated student, that we seem to give a new group fair rights every decade or so. Each block of 10 gets it’s own feel-good fixed the word group. Indians, Africans, Homosexuals and now women.  One about every 10n years or so. A generation is considered 7 years but when the old man lives with you and your boyfriend is not your race it’s clear it really takes 126 years.

However, most people are smart enough to smile and shut up, even if they’re unable to grasp the concept.

The next group of oppressed people to be treated poorly by the man and deserve equal rights?  Stoners.

10:11… I wonder if it’ll go off at 10:15.  I can’t explain why at this moment, but my last rest stop, identified above by a marker I just discovered. I was up, I was over there, and yet I have no memory of the phone adjustment.

I go again…

Had a nice chat with that old friend I mentioned in the previous post. Wait.  The blog stops here. It should be it’s own domain… Of course.

Oh wait.  That’s what Frogstar.TV was. Right. Idea brought forward like a Bill, shot down. My brain does that for every yes or no.