The Black List
Why I like watching The Blacklist

The Black List

I am a fan of routine. Nothing says routine like a TB show with 9 seasons online. Long-running procedurals are rare on streaming services. They have not been around that long and there is a benefit to creating lots of new shows instead of seasons of a current hit.

Because I watch a lot of TV, I’ve seen most of the long-running series I am interested in. For me, it’s a joy to watch a show I like. It’s a pain to find new shows I can like, but even when I do, they only last one or two seasons and then I have to start the loop again.

I have been very happy with The Blacklist on Netflix. When the original run was on network television, I watched a few episodes mainly because I liked James Spader from his previous series.

I didn’t really get into it and that particular year there were enough other shows that my schedule was full but when I looked on Netflix for long-running cop show type of dramas I started watching them again. It has the main element that I like and that is that each week there is a new story with a resolution. There is an overlying story arc per season but in most cases, each individual episode is catch a bad guy.

Season 6 broke away from this a little bit and many of the episodes were related to the story arc of Raymond Reddington in jail. I didn’t like those episodes. I’m into season 7 of 9 now and it’s back to a mild backstory with each episode being the introduction of a bad guy criminal and them trying to catch him.

These shows work with my brain quite well and I wish there were more of them. They seem to be a staple of network television but for some reason, streaming services don’t go that route.


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