That moment between tasks.
Feeding the pig and then trying to fit it under a blanket without upsetting it.

That moment between tasks.

It’s 4:47 and I finished feeding the pig and checking on the chickens. I then come inside and wait about half an hour before I go back out and… Oh. At this moment I realize I didn’t set the pig’s blanket aside so when I return and the pig is nestled in and ready to go to sleep, it’s blanket will probably be under it instead of over it.

This isn’t always a problem however lately the pig has been rather testy and when I touch it with a blanket or try to make an adjustment it grunts in anger and has actually come at me. Last week it came at me with such anger that I had to hold it back with the feeding pot. I have no idea where there would bite me or just head but me but either way, it’s a experience that I’m not ready to test.

So I have to go out shortly and see whether or not I can cover it in a blanket or we’ll have to fight.

Alternatively I could search for my extra blanket and take it out with me. It’s in here somewhere. I was going to give it the blanket a couple of weeks ago but it wasn’t where I expected it to be which means I have to open up the closet and do a little bit of searching. Still, it might be nice for the pig to have its own brand new not moist and covered in shit blanket.

It seems to like the silk soft blanket most recently given to its cause but it’s become dirty as well. It’s hard to keep a blanket clean in a barn filled with straw, manure, chicken manure and a pig that pulls the blankets all over to make a nest each night.

I’ve set the alarm and I have a few more minutes before I’ve got to go again. I said it at about 30 minutes and that seems to be enough time for the pig to eat, walk around a little bit and perhaps shit and then start building the nest ready to be covered.

I set it at 20 minutes previously and it wasn’t enough time so the pig was miserable as I tried to blanket it before it was settled. 30 minutes seems to be about right.

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