The universe just covered for me. Starting this blog just now on my phone in my bedroom made a loud beep. Then, to close it,  a second beep, both louder than normal, and recognizable to those in the right circles,…

Team Goals

The universe just covered for me.

Starting this blog just now on my phone in my bedroom made a loud beep. Then, to close it,  a second beep, both louder than normal, and recognizable to those in the right circles, as the beep beep of the google voice keyboard on android.


Then, before my roommate behind my door had time to get angry at me interupting her final state of iffy sleep. Before the ears go into night mode.

I know it doesn’t work that way. The weed makes me want to discredit things I say I do bit believe. My brsin finished sentences after my thoughts have already changed topic.

In any case, the story ends with me typing this on my phone. I’m slower here but soon enough I’ll be able to rustle more.

I haven’t the need to ask.

When I say that, imagine a chord or two from a melodrama. This doubles as a flag for people to recall later. Remedial flashing plot point or note of interest.

Oh oh oh.

Do e books have built in links to everything? Do ebooks have a cross reference database?


Every sentence might have a comment section. I’m sure this exists for sheakspear but probably not for star trek ring novels.  What if everyvpasdage of your favourite teen novels came with a virtual 3D classroom on the book.

My favourite memory from English is the way Mr.  Ross McGil who only just this very moment clicked that his last name matched the university he has a doctorate degree from. Was he one of those Mcgills?

I so much wanted to type irrigusrdless here to see who would swipe left me. Is swipe left .ding

blsckout.  New sketch.

That’d how second city did it. That’s how


I wanted to list every sketch comedy I watched since I was so young, my oldest memory was I had to see the bear knock on the doorveschveeek.

On the door each week.

Oh look, a zeppelin

I started watching Monty Python at am early age chiefly because the cute, same age blond next store were very British.

Of course we became best of friends in my head. I should point out the girl next door was the literary equivalent of the head if the cheerleaders , President of clsss, vslidictorian and be on it least onevplaquevsokewhete in thevscgoop.

Oh yeah. The edibles

Awww.  I was enjoying that tribute.

My girl next door reminded me of every highschool movie ever. One of the cool circle

I have no memory of


Story resort.  New negative narrative.

A real scenario my mind is stalling to write.

I have no memory of ever having any interaction or akgwoegement from her for the 7 years we may have been in school.

My version of the story, saved to my internal library as my reality.




Pody it note. Would a guy who can only ever write on weed but never re reads.



The first share has to be you.



Not being able to type Bam without 6 tries kills the dam.

The champion idea, dressed in orange shorts comes down the hallway dodging cameras


Dare I dresm that if I share this, the world can save me, by letting me either think for you for a week or enter….

What was that.


Shit. Shit

Two separate thoughts but I’m not used to even soft swearing. To be clear, I an not offended by … I haven’t been yet and I’ve seen some …




I must have stopped for a moment. My mind just closed a door and. ..

Sorry.  Whatever thoughts came and went, I’m not yet speedy or accurate on the phone.

Hashtag #askorangejeff about it.

My style is clear and evolving, but sharing my story and asking.

Don dun dun

Im the boy who never learned how to ask.


Correction?  I’m certain as a child I must have asked all the time. I only have memories of some consequences.

Lets just say, at some point



Forget blanket just missed me.


What was I saying?

Oh.  The forget one is the secret orange blanket its touch is intoxication that will always surprised you on your virgin touch.

I am paying in bed at 1 17 on cansdad  really?? You can’t guess Canada from that?


Oh oh. I …ooooh.  I started to think like an author there …

Is it a cheat to use a pop out bubble with an example of how my brsin works .I considered and rejected my first share of a thought… But not my opinion.


Couod it be a mind with different anything might not notice a difference


I choose this thread if many

My orange canoe foorks forks in the river yo the left, trsditionsll. ..historically has been the negative voice


What if this was the letter that would solve everything? I keep up the search.  I plan to change but I’ve never once done it alone.


What if I’m the patient.

Am I dteveve from Florida?

Wow. Huuuuuuge

Callong bobo steve from Florida could actually be worth a lot of loss to boo. If even a fraction of blogs,  videos and everything never used bobo they may not be seen.

Guilt struggles to stay awake. Did you screw up and think evil scenarios out loud?


Whos.  Is that the first time guilt spoke first person?

Well played deflection.  Point left team.

So much I missed.  I rest

Or the other thing

Guilt says, I can’t remember anything. I have to choose. ..publish or draft

The first share was me. Am I ready for the.


As much as I like the first share us me as a campaign fir self pride through the power of

Power vs secret.

Secret needs story and no linger secret story.

This story wins as the cabin but alas I am a weed make on this. Thc

End if part 2 I think..

Heartbeat within minutes






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