Sunday TV Project
It's only 2pm and I have accomplished a lot of fun projects. This is one of them.

Sunday TV Project

Today has been a good day so far. When I’m in a good mood, good things happen. When Im in a bad mood, bad things happen. I have not quite figured that out yet,but for now, I’m happy.

I stayed up all night again, and did a nice boof in the morning that should have listed me, but I was in such a good mood, and chatting with two new friends. On Instagram, where meth smokers are quite rare, a Californian bi-guy tried to get me interested with his girlfriend, but I bailed as usual.

On Tumblr, I have been chatting with a compatible meth user in Missouri. We clicked quite quickly, which happens when you’re sput as fuck. Everything is the right thing. No anxiety about saying the wrong word, and if it creeps in, I just blow some more clouds.

I started hyper focus work on whatever caught my eye on the video cameras or the website and spent a lot of the morning making another compilation video as an opener to the live stream. I may not use it more than once, but I enjoyed the challenges along the way. I’m frustrated my Filmora 12 just upgraded and then stopped working because I have to pay annually. 

Luckily, I’m smart enough to know a work-around so I was able to save my video without the banding watermark that basically makes it useless for anything.

That’s not nice. They also obsoleted my Android version by releasing a new product instead of an upgrade. That’s just greedy mean.

After lunch I made 15 Snapchat videos about the staff members of the OrangeJeff empire sneaking into the bedroom to smoke some of my meth while I was away. They’re silly videos with Snapchat filters but I was high enough to be proud of the comedy and with each new character and a whole new inhales and exhales, I got higher and they just seemed funnier.

That will require  little editing so it’s not ready, but I offer up the morning project. The Orange Jeff show opening bumper.




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