Sunday Catch Up Quickie

Drug Posts, Not Proof Read - 1st Draft, Video

although this is a fairly general blog message it does make a mini review of a new Android camera app that I really seem to like and currently recommend.

Sunday Catch Up Quickie

I’ve been working mainly on the phone and my new favorite video tool. Essentially it’s a camera extension for photos and video that has all of the filters and effects and transitions and text overlays of the video editors. It’s not a great video editor. But it’s a pretty fucking great camera and I can record longer than the 1 minute Snapchat has been restricting me to.

Oh that was disappointing I hit the wrong button again stop recording before I’d finished what I wanted to say. So I’ve been excited by the idea that I can record videos to directly into my blog posts using the jetpack app on the phone and it’s done quite well for me even though the website is designed using the Divi builder which is not compatible with jetpack.

So ap when you click the option it pops up it’s little camera icons and says you want to record and video or take a picture and I click record video and it used to pop up the two camera options being the one that’s built in and the new one I’ve been talking about and of course below that there are the options for once or always and once is highlighted and that’s important because what it means is if I click the alternative camera it goes away and displays the alternative camera but only once.

In my experiments to get it to display it always I accidentally chose the regular camera It’s always. I think I can reset it. I think I know where that is but it’s just frustrating because I had three camera problems back to back. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I’ve been making smoking videos all morning and that means I’ve been smoking all morning and that means I am high Hi.

I almost forgot to mention the name of that program. It’s called B612 It’s not a typical popular name. I’m sure it means something to someone but to me it’s just the name of the new camera app I use.


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